Science, Religion and Me

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Science, Religion and Me

As a child I was told stories about Adam and Ever and about Noah rescuing the animals in the Religion class. But in the Science I was told stories which were in direct conflict with the Religious fairy tales. It was quite tough time for em as a child to choose between the two because the society i come from considers Scientists as Anti-Religious people and sometimes Blasphemous. Then eventually i began reading and started to question things. I found religion very smartly constructed to discourage people from questioning.

Having said that I think its important that all of us do something about the generations to come and make sure that religious scriptures shouldn't be part of a child's curriculum. Let him be mature enough to read by himself and make his own decisions.

Thank you!

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Bilawal, here in the USofA,

Bilawal, here in the USofA, critics of Catholicism say its slogan is as follows.
Give us your children until they are seven and we will have them the rest of their lives.

In the Catholic schools my dad sent his kids to, teachers told me it's sinful to doubt or disbelieve what they told me.
It's not easy to wipe clean a mind poisoned that way.
A plane geometry course and a physics course helped me start the cleaning.
I wish you well.

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you Bilawal. I will make sure my children are allowed to read about all religions and not have any of them forced upon them. Human beings should be free to choose their own beliefs and to make an intelligent decision that is not based on any kind of imposition.

And this makes me wonder if there are any schools out there that allow children to be educated in this way. Because if i ever find one, that is definitely the place my kids will be going to!

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Religion should not be taught

Religion should not be taught in schools in my opinion, but there is nothing wrong with letting everyone read and learn about all the different religions. it should not be forced upon in schools however.

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I think religion should be

I think religion should be part of a child's school curriculum, it should be taught as objectively as possible as well as taught in religion classes with other religions of the world equally. was taught in various private Catholic schools when I was a kid, I was also taught other religions, that is where I learned about the various stories of various gods and how people worship such gods. That made be realize that if people worship other gods, that would possibly mean that people don't exactly know what god is or even if god exists, in which they just placed their faith that god does exists, so then where is the evidence? This part of my childhood helped me start questioning my own religious beliefs in which now I've abandoned for the sake of reason.

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I don't mind it being taught

I don't mind it being taught in schools objectively. My ire arises when they attempt to pass it off as science by teaching ID in science as an "alternative theory" to evolution.

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