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So here is a great way to waste one's time. I mentioned that there is a Muslim guy in the office. The other day he invited me to watch two videos. I told him that I would watch the videos and comment on them if he agreed to read the comments I wrote. He agreed.

I watched both videos and they were both videos I had already seen of Islamic Apologists. The first one was asked "What scientific evidence is there for the existence of God." He talked for about 15 minutes, attacking a straw-man atheist position, using a causal argument and then asserting a man made object and the naturally occurring world were exactly the same. I quoted this man, listed all the fallacies, and did a detailed analysis of his assertions.

The second video was horrible. The question the man was asked was about the same. "What evidence is there for the existence of Allah?" Right off the bat, first words from his mouth, "Only a well prepared mind will be able to understand my answer. Most people can not understand." FUCK! I read the Emperor's New Clothes when I was 9. I wasn't falling for that one. The man didn't even come close to answering the question. He went on a rant that did not even seem related to any known apologetic and as he did so, kept mentioning that only a well prepared mind would understand his unsupported assertions.

So, I handed the guy at work the 4 sheets of paper, clearly quoting what had been said and the simple and rational responses.

Today I asked him if he had read the papers. "No, I tore them up." he said.

"What? Why did you do that? You said you would read them. Would you like to sit down and go over the videos together sometime?"

"No. Let's not talk about religion any more."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....... It is work and I will have to drop it. I just thought to myself "WHAT A FUCKING COWARD!"

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Oh yah - they are cowards of

Oh yah - they are cowards of the mind. I taught my boys early that they have to live with themselves everyday, as themselves, so they better get use to it.

So many people can’t sit in quietness.
Or just think,
Or be with themselves

So if you “threaten” whatever little fantasy they’ve weaved, mentally they are unprepared for reality.

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He doesn't have answers for people that are able to reason. He learned quickly that you are not an easy target.

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Dude, you printed 4 sheets of paper, front and back?
Filled with logic?
I kinda expected that he would tore your paper down after reading a few lines

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@FreakyGin: I'm typically

@FreakyGin: I'm typically deadly when I go on a rant, and haven't jumped the gun, but four pages front and back would be a bit much even for me. Just two pages each. (Front sides only and set up with direct quotes (Q:) and responses (R:). This was not a difficult document for anyone with an education to read and I know this guy is attending a local university. My longest response was probably 4 sentences. The quotes were no more than a sentence or two in length.

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Well, Cog, sounds like you

Well, Cog, sounds like you really got under his skin! Perhaps a seed or two found a footing and will take root.

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@ Cog

@ Cog

Typical atheist moron. If you were not so stupid you would have understood an d immediately accepted Allah as your god and Mohammed as his only prophet (Pubh) . I am so disappointed in you.


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@Old man shouts ...

@Old man shouts ...

I know, right?
Muhammad is the Man! All you have to do is just pray 5 times a day and grow a beard.
Heaven is waiting for you bruh! With 72 beautiful virgin angels ready to suck like a vacuum cleaner
(Somehow Islamic heaven is designed specifically just to give pleasure to men only)
Why couldn't you just believe that!

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Freakygin... thank “god” I’m

Freakygin... thank “god” I’m not dying a virgin! An eternity of sucking theist dick isn’t my idea of “heaven”
Unless I can “bite”...

Orgy type set up -
Virgin dick sucking while kissing Allah’s ass?!?

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@ Freaky

@ Freaky

Cog would just try feeding the flying mule bananas in the hope of sexual favors....

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Funny how theists always

Funny how theists always refers to videos, or other supports, which are badly made, from a dubious idea from the start, and we atheists, always refer to serious works.

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Not only that, but like

Not only that, but like “Homer”, listen to a well presented explanation but home in on one “word”
use to say “see, he believes in soul/spirit/god...etc”

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

Well done. I doubt he will ever raise the subject of religion around you any more.

But doesn't religion foster cowardice? You can run away from personal responsibility because you can blame the devil, you don't even have to think for yourself. And we understand that most theists pick and choose passages in their holy books to create a fantasy world of fluffy bunnies and smiling angels.

Now we get to one major factor where religion uses fear as a lever, the fear of hell. And the fear of death.

Religion is the "safe space" for cowards, and religion also creates cowards.

Houses of worship = coward factories.

Donating = Loving

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