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Try these radio shows out...

On the whole, I hear, not listen, right, middle and left media is poison. These sources are "neural-linguistic" programing as well, but if you can "hear it", try so...

Clyde Lewis - New Age/Old Sage expounding, goes back to 4,000 B.C.E.


George Noory - A "light worker", stuck on cliches with emphasis on the "scarey", dark or evil.


You get it right, sacred is scared, worship become warship, ordain become ordinance.

For 4,000 more years the Israelite/Hebrew/Jew has believed and killed the gentile if they did not, that the kind are/were a chosen race, making all other races inferior. The original racism on Earth in our time and history. See the ox gore story in Jesus's time, what happens if a Jew's ox gores a Gentiles ox and, worse visa-verse. What is/was it about history that has the Jews kicked out of every civilization? Snobby, yes; murderous, yes... it goes on and on.

I'll believe as an A-Theist a seed grows in a fixed amount time in a fixed amount of circumstances and science is pushing hard.

Fallen angels are a poison concept, nothing in the universe falls, it is pulled up or risen, rockets push down into space, planes are pushed towards the deep space, drop your keys, you will see, there is only towards...

Animals grow in time, imagine putting a mushroom growth code into an animal, get a new animal overnight, go spores...

Try Jordan Maxwell and Micheal Tsarion and David Icke....

Remember, hear, not listen...

Jordan Maxwell, Astrotheology


Michael Tsarion, Origins & Oracles, Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology, Part 1 Full - suggests we trade blood, human sacrifice for technology, you eat beef, no make beef when you are eaten. I like to understand Bell lab techs made the transistor.


David Icke, this Lizard hides right in front...



911 Stargate...


So, immoral of the story, go have an orgasummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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Know Starseeds, Crystal Kids

Know Starseeds, Crystal Kids and Indigos?

See Dalibor777 for all the Not Dope,


See Crystal Links Index...


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Kirche the Hebrew bashing

Kirche the Hebrew bashing comments need to cease and stop flooding this page with links every day please. Consider this a warning.

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