What do you hate about religion ?

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Just an observation based on

Just an observation based on my own experience and Cog and Mikhael and many others... “we” were true believers.
I’ve also seen the “Luke warm” ones just drift away because they couldn’t get into it like we did ;)

It is so interesting for me to read so many experiences and realize the “formula” for religion is the same regardless of the “belief” even though there are differences in the doctrine or “management” of the religious.

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In general, I'd say the thing

In general, I'd say the thing I hated the most was all the damaging brainwashing when I was a gullible child. In particular, I despise the terror they implanted in my brain that my loved ones were burning in hell if they weren't 'saved'. For good measure, I'll throw in how much it infuriates me that I had to grow up believing I was being watched by a punishment-driven God every second of every day and I totally resent how long it has taken me to undo all that nonsense.

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What do I hate about religion

What do I hate about religion? All of it. It underlines the gullibility and failure in reason, of our species...and perpetuates stupidity among its fold. A scourge of society and killer of humanity...whats to like...nothing. What's to hate, everything about it.

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@doG: whats to like...nothing

@doG: whats to like...nothing.

I like the hats. And the penguins are cute.

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I don’t understand how so

I don’t understand how so many believers are feeling the love of God.. either the Bible is true or is delusion or we live in a universe that what we believe in determines our spiritual experience
I don’t feel loved by God.
There are people hurting me day by day according to the Bible I’m supposed to love them and pray for those who persecute me.. and I prayed for mercy.. they just keep coming back and hurting me..
I believe again because I’m still delusional and hearing things I shouldn’t.. but how much faith do I have to have in Jesus to get him to give me Justice? He lets all these terrible people hurt me for so long and he doesn’t do a damn thing about it..
I don’t like religion because I feel neglected by a
God who’s supposed to be all loving. Don’t feel him, see him, hear him.. and I don’t have a love for him. I feel like it’s stupid to have God place my eternity in my hands.
I thought it was supposed to be God who saves..

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Eek... Italianish “ but how

Eek... Italianish “ but how much faith do I have to have in Jesus to get him to give me Justice? He lets all these terrible people hurt me for so long and he doesn’t do a damn thing about it..”

Uh...invisible friends don’t “do” anything.

People and circumstances - events, nature...can all hurt you. (They can even kill you)
After that, you hurt yourself.
Given time to process events, grieve/rage...etc - there also comes a time that you have to say to yourself “hey! That shit happened. That person, event, disaster, etc happened for that day (or 2 or a year, whatever) and it’s over, and that will no longer have power over me anymore like it did on that day (or whatever time period)”

Justice?!? What a strange concept. We have a legal system. We have to deal with people that also have abilities to make choices. We have events.

I’ve hurt people. Should Jesus enact “justice” on my ex-husband’s behalf? What about someone that I deservedly (IMO and after 3 warnings) fired? Or foreclosed on?

If people aren’t “treating” you right, get new people in your life or spend some time alone.

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I truly dislike the hate for

I truly dislike the hate for the lgbt community that was quite strong in my previous religious surroundings.

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Especially seeing gawd called homosexuality an abomination, without knowing that sexual orientation is genetic, and all natural...and by no means a lifestyle choice.

Christians looooooove hearing that sexual orientation is genetic...I tell them that every chance I get.

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"Christians looooooove hearing that sexual orientation is genetic...I tell them that every chance I get."

Why bother? The truly rabid ones won't believe you.

I guess because of 2000 year's practice, the catholic church takes the biscuit about hypocrisy over homosexuality . (and any other non hetero identification)

The Catholic church is NOT against homosexuality at all. Indeedly doodly not. One can't help the way one is born, after all.It's only the gay and other non PU life styles which the church is against.

IF one is gay and celibate one is welcome to mass and all sacraments. Otherwise, they really don't want to get gay vibes over everything.

I wonder how they feel about asexuals? Probably agin because they don't want to breed.

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Well don’t get me

Well don’t get me
It’s narcissistic abuse and stalking but yeah

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@Italianish...one stalker or

@Italianish...one stalker or a group?


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