1008 years for Preacher abusing Children

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1008 years for Preacher abusing Children


I just love pointing out that it is RELIGION and not just the CATHOLICS.
TV Youth Pastor Sentenced to 1,008 Years for Sex Abuse

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It's not enough. He could be

It's not enough. He could be out in 500 years with time off for good behavior.

And really they're all child abusers deceiving children with their lies, god-fear/hell-fear, and fake creationist "science".

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No matter the faith, the more

No matter the faith, the more of those cruel and sick people get taken out of society serves everyone. I do not condone executions, but I do know jail mentality, and sickos like that have huge bulls-eyes painted on their back. Even jailed murders and gang members believe that killing one of them is a huge prestige act.

Put them in with the general population and whatever happens, it's god's will. (tongue in cheek)

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Here's what Satan has to say
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Re: Youth pastor

Re: Youth pastor

Aw, shit. He's an Alabama boy. Geeez... And the piece of shit was arrested in a city less than an hour from my house. We often go out there for all the restaurants and shopping centers. Hell, I even have friends and family who have lived out there over the years. I'm also somewhat familiar with where the guy reportedly lived. Ugh... *sad sigh*... I'm still waiting on the day hunting licenses can be issued for guys like that.

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Well...... you know how

Well...... you know how those Alabama people are. :-)

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@Cog Re: "Well...... you

@Cog Re: "Well...... you know how those Alabama people are. :-)"

Yeah, true. And knowing what I know, all I can say is that pastor dude better hope they don't release him for anything. Because the parents around these parts don't take too kindly to folks messing with their children. He would very likely become another statistic if he were stupid enough to hang around his hometown for any reason. (Well, IF the body were to ever be found, anyway... *chuckle*...)

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Hey, on the plus side, we all

Hey, on the plus side, we all have the peace of mind in knowing that poor misguided pastor can repent and ask forgiveness for his sins, and he is assured a place in heaven with his precious God. After all, it was obviously that evil Satan who caused him to give in to temptation. Meanwhile, those young boys the pastor violated are likely to be scarred for life and turn away from religion altogether. In which case they are destined for the eternal lake of fire to be tortured forever. Isn't God wonderful? Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

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I was delighted to discover

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