11 Miracles Science Cannot Explain

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11 Miracles Science Cannot Explain

I came across this article recently and would like to hear comments on the various claims being made of events which have no explanations > http://www.buzzfaze.com/11-miracles-science-cannot-explain/?utm_source=g...

Looking forward to explanations (both hilarious and serious)

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read up to 5-6 and realized

read up to 5-6 and realized its all utter nonsense............never heard or seen evidence for anything they are just religious claims as usual.
First I thought i would respond to each individually but then i realized they are all the same....."bullshit".

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I stopped at #2, the

I stopped at #2, the 'Incorruptible corpse' of St. Bernadette. BTW the picture shown is a mask made of wax, not her actual flesh...

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To be nice, this stuff is

To be nice, this stuff is hogwash...

"1. Marian Apparition In Zeitoun"
Still photographs of the sun behind a church dome is not a miracle. I have taken similar photographs just this summer.

"2. Incorruptible Corpses"
It's by no means a secret that they tend to those corpses to try to keep them "fresh". Sometimes use wax, sometimes they cover up the faces behind masks, and so on. Some are wax dolls with a skeleton inside.
This article was pretty good: http://www.orderofthegooddeath.com/really-whats-incorrupt-corpses

"3.Therese Neumann"
A fraud:
"according to Neumann-critic Josef Hanauer's book The Swindle of Konnersreuth - onlookers did not actually see the bleeding in action, only the blood itself."
"According to skeptical investigator Joe Nickell on one occasion Neumann claimed to have healed herself from blindness, but whilst "blind" she was examined and her pupils responded normally to light."
"A professor who was monitoring her noted that blood would only appear from her wounds when he was asked to leave the room. He reported the behavior as suspicious commenting that something "needed to be hidden from observation.""

"4. Statue in Akita"
The statue bleeds from the right hand, sweats from the neck and the forehead, has tears coming from the eyes. Not a single shred of proof?
"The samples of sweat, tears and blood were tested by scientists, and they were confirmed to be real.". Where is this evidence? Which scientists did the testing? Just another scam.

A girl claims to have seen a lady, digs a hole and finds water?
And "There have been 68 cases of of inexplicable cures."?? LoL, cures for what? Any proof beyond claims?

"6. Joseph Of Cupertino"
"the phenomenon of flying or levitation was widely believed to be connected with witchcraft, Joseph was denounced to the Inquisition. At their command, he was transferred from one Franciscan friary in the region to another for observation, first to Assisi (1639–53), then briefly to Pietrarubbia and finally Fossombrone, where he lived with and under the supervision of the Capuchin friars (1653–57)."
He never levitated when he was under observation for 18 years? LoL, I wonder why?

There is no need to continue...

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Only two methods are needed

Only two methods are needed to cut this nonsense to shreds:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence- Sagan's Razor

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence- Hitchen's Razor

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Hello, I am conducting a

Hello, I am conducting a survey concerning the perception of Christians and Christianity and would greatly appreciate your opinions! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VCFQJT8

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Will we get to see the

Will we get to see the results of said survey?

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Yep...... Total crap. Besides

Yep...... Total crap. Besides a miracle isn't something that simply can't be explained. It would be something that clearly and irrefutably contradicts the laws of the universe as we understand them.

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One more thing if I may.....

One more thing if I may......not being currently explained by science does not equal miracle. Ignorance does not equal "god did it".

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