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OKay hamza I donot understand

OKay hamza I donot understand what you actually mean by converting to atheism....... is it a religion already??? but i will take it as... maybe you used the wrong words to describe your situation.

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And also have you applied for

And also have you applied for legal aid to get a lawyer or do you want to arrange your own.......get HO to arrange a lawyer for you and seek professional advice. when you are already there make your efforts in the right direction......writting about your ordeal on forums is not gonna change anything.

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exmuslimcouncil@googlemail contact maryam namazi

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Abeer gave you some good

Abeer gave you some good advice.

What I would add, is to understand better why were you arrested.

What are the charges?
You haven't explained well your situation, and I hope that you at least do have an understanding of it.

Theism/Atheism is just an opinion on a subject.
Your charges have to do with some laws that you allegedly broke.

It really might not matter if you are an atheist or not.

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