Abortion pics child pornography

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Abortion pics child pornography


Abortion is such a touchy subject for both sides of the isle and using pictures of aborted babies to sway opinions is often a tactic pro-lifers. I vividly remember a video I was show as a preteen of piles of babies bodies and body parts of babies that had been aborted. Some morose song played as the camera panned the carnage. No doubt I was pro-life after that. This article is about a professor that claims this sort of film is child pornography. Its kind of a brilliant angle.

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Beware any news that comes

Beware any news that comes out of Breitbart. Although I assume you already knew that. Funny though, that Breitbart had this article at all, I guess they were trying to prove they are not extremely far right biased by: carrying news that bashes on the left.

I am actually disappointed, in the pro choice debator. There is a lot much more powerful arguments that can be made then "this is child pornography." You can make a powerful case without bringing child pornography up, opening himself to be ridiculed on sites like Breitbart. Although the article video focuses in on just a small part of the long overall debate on youtube.

Also, it is a common tactic of the far right to only selectively post/talk about debates that illustrate their side better, the debates they feel they solidly won. Watching just a few minutes of the video, I feel I could've done a better job arguing pro choice then this guy did.

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True about brietbart. It's

True about brietbart. It's interesting to hear their jaded perspective. I didn't watch the video. Had too many kids to pick up drop off and wipe little tooshes. I just get mad at prolifer tactics and wish they could be stopped for some of the bullshit they spread about abortion.

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