About the existence of God and how it`s perceived

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About the existence of God and how it`s perceived

In the past few years I usually heard a lot of questions like:''Is there a proof or evidence of God`s existence? Are miracles able to fit as evidence?'' What I really think is that the way ''evidence'' is understanded is wrong and the call to bring that kind of evidence was already fullfiled. How can I belivie this? Just think: can there be brought any evidence of a being that represents the whole universe in the way we understand it, as some material, some sample? I don`t think so. Then, what you do? Change the way you perceive God, to something more like an energy. And what is the evidence for that energy? Is it some thing I just produced now or it`s the opinion of the Church? Well, and that`s trully interesting: yes, it`s the opinion of the Church, and the matter is more close to every religion than we can imagine: there is a practice in orthodox Church, called hesyhasm, that works like a way to find out the evidence, by entering a state of comunion with God and even more, it`s said to provide, under the holy spirit, the power to verify all the stuff about Hell and Heaven, miracles etc. in the way that without consuming any drug or have any biological intervention, you can actually come to perceive this stuff.
What`s extremely dissapointing about this or about people take this is that people make two mistakes: 1. They never try it. 2. They start searching for explanations and, not searching for explanations is the mistake, but the fictive scenario they bring in, without any clue or proof it`s actually true: let`s say I am a monk in some greek monastery and I witness I saw God etc. and you start: no, it was a mushroom or bla bla bla but I didn`t came to verify if that mushroom( or any bla bla) exists. I believe you pretty much understand.
I don`t think that we should just theoretizate about truth and God, but to go and search evidence. If I found out it exists, all discusion doesn`t find`s it`s purpose.
Basically, why manier people aren`t searching for proof?

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I'm not searching for proof

I'm not searching for proof because I'm not the one claiming something. It's just not my job to do it. I will use my precious time for things that I think will actually make a difference.

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But look for evidence about

But look for evidence about what exactly? About the existence of god, gods, divine energy, what? Ôo)-~


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"And what is the evidence for

"And what is the evidence for that energy?"

Pick any of Isaac Newtons 3 laws for a rudimentary start? Which were tested over and over again to the point that they are referred to as laws.
The church is not a pioneer of physics or any other academic discipline that provides any sensible insight as to how the world/universe works. So Why should anyone give a damn about the Church's "Opinion" on energy?

"Just think: can there be brought any evidence of a being that represents the whole universe in the way we understand"

Who is we? If you're writing a piece that is obviously arguing against impirical evidence, discovery, and the continual collection of knowledge, then you don't get to say "We". You obviously don't have an understanding of the universe nevertheless our own planet because if you did, you wouldn't think it's 6000 years old.

And to answer your Question: Yes. Yes there can be evidence. You said god represents the wholeeeee universe? If so.. why are such trivial matters such as punishing Adam & Eve over a damn apple such a concern? You'd think the manager of the wholeee universe had more pressing issues to deal with. But no if a God can do that and murder countless people via flood, then he or she can definitely show face.

By the way, it's not the Athiests who have been on missionary sprees, waging holy wars, involving themselves with other peoples sex lives, ect. YOU guys push your beliefs down peoples throats, not the other way around. So yes, you Owe US the evidence. As long as you have your current attitude towards secular culture, you will only continue to disappoint yourself.

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I'm an Atheist because of

I'm an Atheist because of lack of evidence of any gods. You have the burden of proof to provide testable evidence that any of the gods exist. What make you think your god is the one true god?

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Septimiu, you ask "Basically,

Septimiu, you ask "Basically, why manier people aren`t searching for proof?" What a stupid question. Billions of deluded believers in god aren't searching for proof because they, like you, are deluded by indoctrination and self deception. You've heard people ask for proof "for years" and this argument you've presented is your response? Many times I've asked someone a question and sensed by their glassy-eyed expression that my question wasn't understood. I sympathize with every person who has ever asked you for proof, because your glassy eyed response had to be extraordinary.

Proof for how the universe works and how it came to be is available to those who carefully apply the scientific process to the investigation of reality. Sitting in a monastery is not a path to knowledge or truth, it is a path to delusion and error. Come out of your self-imposed prison of thought and learn the importance of proof.

While I ask this question I can imagine you reading my comments; glassy eyed and impervious to reason. I pity you.

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I am not searching for

I am not searching for evidence. I am waiting for evidence from the people asserting that gods or god exists

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