Adolf Hitler: Onward Christian Soldier

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Hmmmm......prayer not working

Hmmmm......prayer not working?

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Post the web address without

Post the web address without any tags, it seems to do the rest on its own.

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Haha, almost below the belt.

Haha, almost below the belt. :)

As Travis says, just enter the url of the link in the text. Make sure to enter the full address, including "http://".

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Copy paste from browser does

Copy paste from browser does not show the link?

or the link is shown but when you click post, it does not appear?

be more specific so we can help you, also if you go in the support forum at the bottom they know even more then me about the forum.

make a new topic and give as much detail as possible.

Also try ctrl +c to copy the link and ctrl+ v to paste it, it might be your mouse or browser settings.

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I think this poignant (and

I think this poignant (and HILARIOUS) video, by a somewhat renown Atheist, does show why we DO NOT equate GOD with Hitler or his "Christianity"...

Double Standard (click the live link)

This should also put a nice bow on the argument for you, ImFree, and finally settles your loss of the debate nicely as well lol. Please pay close attention to DarkMatter2525's "conclusion" at the end of the video, and try in the future to stop with your "excuses and blame".

Enjoy :-)

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No wonder why he killed so

No wonder why he killed so many Jews believing that they don't believe on the same god that he does. He thinks that his belief makes him superior to others.


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