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Advertisements on Atheist Republic

I was amazed how religion succeeded in infiltrating this website.
I saw an ad for:




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All I'm seeing are ads for

All I'm seeing are ads for Atheist Republic merchandise and books. If ads by religious organizations are helping to fund AR, we'll have to remember them in our prayers.

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"Sexo tóxico, relaciones

"Sexo tóxico, relaciones perjudiciales
Una perspectiva real de la pornografía"

Hi, I'm afraid my Spanish is only perfunctory. Could you tell me is that quote from the website offering a dazzling array of "spiritual" sexual encounters with free porn thrown in?

I need to know before I give my credit card details.

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Hahaha @Sheldon. Maybe I can

Hahaha @Sheldon. Maybe I can help you with that. From that article (translation is mine): "Sex is like fire, as long as it is performed in the right environment, a committed relationship such as marriage, it's safe, warm, relaxing and romantic. Pornography uses sex completely out of that situation". The article opposes sex in marriage to pornography, but it doesn't clarify what is about the sex that doesn't fall in any of those categories.

@Cognostic. I agree. @OP is, I guess not on purpose, advertising the site, not AR.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Thank you, much appreciated. A monthly subscription might have been a disappointment then. ;-)

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I posted a screendump of the

I posted a screendump of the ad, but the ad is displayed hardly readable. That's why I added the link.
Your translation is good, and the site indeed does not clarify where prelates having sex with choir boys fits in. It is happy clappy crap.

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@Flame Re: Ad Translation

@Flame Re: Ad Translation

Sooooooo..... You are telling me that ad is NOT for a training seminar where they teach one how to become a porn star?...*double face palm*.... Aw, crap! Dammit..... Wonder if it is too late for me to cancel my reservation and get a refund?

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I'm sorry, @Tin-Man and

I'm sorry, @Tin-Man and @Sheldon...

Unfortunately it's much much boring that your ideas, hehe.

Tin-Man, I guess that to become a porn star you need specific physical attributes, not so much acting skills.

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@Flame Re: "I guess that to

@Flame Re: "I guess that to become a porn star you need specific physical attributes, not so much acting skills."

Well, shit. Two strikes against me right from the start.... *grumble*.... Hell, in that case I guess I'll just stay retired.

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Don't lose hope, Tin-Man.

Don't lose hope, Tin-Man. Have you ever seen Ron Jeremy?

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@Algebe Re: "Have you ever

@Algebe Re: "Have you ever seen Ron Jeremy?"

Sadly, yes I have. Somebody like that boggles the mind, does it not? LOL

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I'm sorry, @Tin-Man and

I'm sorry, @Tin-Man and @Sheldon...

Unfortunately it's much much more boring than your ideas, hehe.

Tin-Man, I guess that to become a porn star you need specific physical attributes, not so much acting skills. Don't waste your money ;)

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How is this not an add when

How is this not an add when the OP posts the link?

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I asked the OP about buying

I asked the OP about buying an ad for my book and didn't get a reply. I can send a pdf. I would post the ad here, but I assumed everyone would get mad & I'd get banned.

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I disable images, popups, ad

I disable images, popups, ad's and animations on all web pages I visit by default. So admittedly I have no idea what atheist republic's ad scheme is (text browsers for the win!)

But I do know many websites will sell "ad space" to 3rd parties, and not have much control over what those ads are for. Additionally there are plenty of programs that will inject ad's into website pages that the website itself has nothing to do with, the easiest example of this is if you were to connect to a "free" internet access say at an airport, and you have a top or bottom or side ad space banners created as a top layer of all pages you visit, and the ad engine will read the page and your browsing habits to try and "guess" targeted ad's relevant to you.

A bit on the sophisticated side, but you can control exactly what you do and do not want to see on the web. Web pages have little control, just most website owners do not want you to know that. Adblock and adblock plus are laughable in how poorly effective they are these days, so got to take a few extra steps if you want to control your web experience.

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