Advice for a Closeted Minor

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Advice for a Closeted Minor

I'm in need of advice; I am a closeted atheist in a Christian household. My faith was unwavering until I thoroughly read the Bible, which led to a series of questions and answers that made me the humanist I am today. While a handful of people know the truth, the most influential people in my life, my parents, don't. When transitioning to a vegan diet they blamed the entertainment industry, forced me to eat dead animals, and threatened to take me away from Hollywood. While I realize this topic does not concern religion, I'm afraid that they will associate my atheist beliefs with Hollywood, giving them further reason to remove me completely from the situation. If they've already taken offense to beliefs contradictory to their own, should I wait to tell them? I'm willing to do anything as long as I remain in the entertainment industry. Also, is there any legal authority I have as a minor should I be forced to do anything against my will that concerns religion?

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It could be that the vegan

It could be that the vegan ban has nothing to do with religion though.

I do not think there are verses in the bible that are against vegetarians, or at least I cannot remember from the top of my head.

Unfortunately, having stubborn parents won't change if you try to reason with them.

So with the limited information you gave us, it is hard to say which is the best choice.

I'd guess trying to see what they like and make then think that the entertainment industry delivers just that without telling them directly could work.
(even have a friend telling them about it)

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If you tell them, you need to

If you tell them, you need to be able to handle the worst case scenarios, like being kicked out and shunned. Even if it doesn't go that far, you might not want to stay once they know...
You should probably wait until you are independent and have somewhere to go.

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Perhaps ask them why/how they

Perhaps ask them why/how they came to the conclusion that entertainment turned you into a vegan. And, ask them maybe to find a bible verse that says that being a vegan is wrong.

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The problem is that if he is

yea an attempt must be made to see why the ban.
The problem is that if he is a minor, he might have strict parents that are used to have it their way all the time.

So reason might not be the best choice and might worsen the situation.
Especially if they do not respect their own child opinion and think they know best, thus forcing upon their child their will.

I went through that situation and the only thing that worked is to make them happy by letting them believe what they wish.

For Christians this comes natural, their wishful thinking mentality blinds them quite easily.

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BelleMarie - "Also, is there

BelleMarie - "Also, is there any legal authority I have as a minor should I be forced to do anything against my will that concerns religion?"

sadly no.

As others have said, I recommend not coming out of the atheist closet while you still depend on theists for financial support. If cornered on the matter, have something prepared to tell them that doesn't reveal too much, will still give them hope, and can buy you some precious time. Something like: "I'm just a kid, I'm trying to figure out religion and for that matter life itself, please don't make it any harder than it already is by pressuring me".

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