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Do you believe in afterlife (not necessarily from religious point of view)?

If yes, what do you think awaits us over there?

If no, why not?

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No, because lack of evidence.

No, because lack of evidence. The only thing we know is that we will die, decompose and transfer our energy to the soil in which it transfers to the plants for it to grow in which the animals eat.

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Haaa. Anyway, I believe in

Haaa. Anyway, I believe in the afterlife that is the life promised to last forever. Where there is no death, no suffering as well as no sorrow. A life we should all long for.

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Seems like an empty promise

Seems like an empty promise than anything.

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Is that a heaven and a hell

Is that a heaven and a hell or just a heaven you believe in? Most religious people believe in both so in turn, there will be suffering and sorrow in hell. I'm just a little confused is all.

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We are conditioned to fantasy

We are conditioned to fantasy from an early age, and are led to believe things that are not true. I have heard this called a kind of functional belief. Santa clause etc.. Any kind of fantasies we have help to relieve this existential pain of life, and a belief in heaven is the ultimate fantasy opium. But the problem with this is that why do anything about our world here now today. A belief in heaven only seems to be an avoidance to truly understanding our human condition now.

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The real question is if you

The real question is if you prefer truth or warm fuzzies.

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The afterlife is pretty

The afterlife is pretty impossible from a scientific point of view. Once we die, we simply become food for the earth. There is so much debate on what the soul is and how it doesnt need the body to exists. But no proof has been brought to the table regarding it.

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If we simple becomes food for

If we simple becomes food for the earth beneath, then what use is the creation of man in the begining? Can I create something wonderful without a plan ahead for it? Definitely no!

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Sam, you are assuming we were

Sam, you are assuming we were created by a sentient force. Either way you can create something without a plan for it, even though that is a false analogy. Artists often do not have plans for things they create.

Also, why would you assume, if god were real, that his plan was not merely to watch us strut around on earth?

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I do believe there is a

I do believe there is a heaven and there is a hell. There is no real proof, but that is what I believe. I'd like to think that I would eventually meet my dearly departed ones in the afterlife.

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It is noble what you belive

It is noble what you belive Rider , i guess everyone would like to see their loved ones who died. But there is no proof , and that belief and religion from whence it came , did some nasty things to make this come true. There are simply too many leaps of faith , that by my opinion no open minded person should take. Dont think that we wouldnt like some things or some parts of the bible to be true , but that would mean that we would have to belive also others not so very nice things. So we settle with this , we dont belive because there is no evidence and because we wouldnt want to be ruled by childish character that is christian,muslim.. god. We see beauty in this life as it is now. Pls try sometimes to do that too.

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I'm pretty much undecided

I'm pretty much undecided about the afterlife, but I'm bordering on no... it just doesn't make much sense with how I see the world around us right now. Of course, there's things we don't know. I've simply decided to live my life as best I can, so the presence or absence of an afterlife is arbitrary to me until I get there.

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Ive a scifi answer to the

Ive a scifi answer to the afterlife i like tho without evidence i cannot believe in an afterlife.
The book had our spirit transcend the physical plane when we die to become space traveling immaterial beings.

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I personally don't believe in

I personally don't believe in an afterlife, and question any type of pre-determinism (a lot of which is not religious). And many people hold views on outcomes based on past history or internalised messages that can be equally limiting.

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I used to be a huge fan of

I used to be a huge fan of the idea of reincarnation, hell I still am, but I know it is not possible in the realm everyone thinks. What I believe is that we are energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed. So we die, we rot, we feed the earth, plants grow, animals eat, humans eat. In a way, that is sort of an afterlife I think. Still wish I could just explore the universe for an eternity though.... maybe someday ;)

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You can explore the universe

You can explore the universe for eternity! Just think - you die, you rot, the precious metals are precipitated from your stagnant blood by natural processes and become a mineral deposit at the mouth of a river, which then dries, which is then mined, which is *then* used to build the break off panel that covers the landing gear of a space ship. Of course, once it lands, the panel flies off into space so the craft can land...

... and voila! You have been reincarnated and you'll be adrift in the Universe forever, just like you always wanted :)

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Reincarnation could be an

Reincarnation could be an explanation for the worlds over population i suppose. All the extinct creatures souls being reborn as humans lol
I find it funny that every post hypnotic regression always said in your past life you were a human.

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What do you mean by an

What do you mean by an afterlife?

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