Aliens are real

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Aliens are real

Aliens are real and I have irrefutable proof. YouTube link You're welcome... :)

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Yo, Chuck! You need to check

Yo, Chuck! You need to check on that link and re-post it. Can't click on it as is. That being said, OF COURSE aliens are real! Under what rock have you been living? I watched "E.T." and "Alf" when I was a kid. And I have also read many different books about aliens. So if people write about them in books and make tv shows/movies about them, how could they NOT be real? Duh!

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Umm, is this just clickbait?

Umm, is this just clickbait?

Chuck Graham can you please offer a summary before I decide to watch any video.

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@David Killens

@David Killens

"Umm, is this just clickbait?

Chuck Graham can you please offer a summary before I decide to watch any video."

Argument from ignorance I know, but please don't yell at me: I find it hard to believe that any atheist member here would believe such nonsense, especially based on anything on Youtube . Have seen a lot of those clips. So far, they could pretty much all be debunked by a 12 year old of modest intellect and critical thinking skills. So yeh, I also call clickbait.

In the 1970's the " God was an alien" books became its own genre. I must have read a dozen or more. ,After a while they started quoting each other. As far as I'm aware,ALL of the claims made by those books had been thoroughly debunked by the early 1980's.

It seems that these claims keep cropping up every decade or so with each new crop of the gullible, the ignorant and the stupid.

The ease of posting on Youtube has made bald faced lies and simple bullshit more popular than ever. Probably harmless enough in the 'aliens did it brigade" After all, such views tend to be more rational than most religious beliefs.

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating public taste" PT Barnum, I think. My corollary "--or gullibility". My favourite example in recent years is 'The Da Vinci Code' which is crackpottery of the first water imo.

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Yes ... chuck I agree with

Yes ... chuck I agree with David. This is the second time you started a thread with a video. I can watch YouTube anytime...

Me wondering if you are
Reptilian cloaked in human hologram...

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I am the alien according to

I am the alien according to Panspermia.

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Use correct grammar. It's

Use correct grammar. It's "Aliens" IS real, and a damn fine movie if I do say so myself. Ridley Scott started of the series in 1979 with the classic "Alien", but the second movie in the series, James Cameron's "Aliens" is the better picture in my opinion, much more intense, really lets Sigourney show her action chops.

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Aliens are real. I've been

Aliens are real. I've been one.

Until 2012, any non-Japanese living in Japan had to carry an "Alien Registration Card". I carried one for years. It contained my name, planet of origin, fingerprint, and a photo I took in an automatic kiosk, which faded until only my pupils and nostrils were visible.

Without an Alien Registration Card, aliens weren't allowed to breathe in Japan. Every year or so, you had to go and renew your breathing permit with the Men in Black Bureau of the Ministry of Justice (a very Orwellian organization). They were some of the nastiest and most heartless people I ever met. An encounter with them would leave you thinking you were on the wrong planet. Fortunately just about everyone else in Japan is friendly and decent.

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@Shit Algebe! Why didn't I

@Shit Algebe! Why didn't I think of that. I got my card in my wallet and have been an Alien for over 20 years. I'm a "Card Carrying Alien."

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Of course aliens are real -

Of course aliens are real - there are at least 400. stars in the universe, and I can't imagine only one of 'em had got a planet with intelligent life on it. But that they would visit us in a cubic spacecraft 1.500 miles long, broad and high, made of massive (and transparent) gold, just because some guy saw that in a vision 2000 years ago??? You'd really need an omnipotence drive to accelerate - and decelerate that again for landing (not even thinking of the relativistic mass... =8)

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@Qilin Re: "But that they

@Qilin Re: "But that they would visit us in a cubic spacecraft 1.500 miles long, broad and high, made of massive (and transparent) gold..."

...LMAO... "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." But, damn, I didn't think the Borg ship was THAT big!... *checking post again*... Oh, wait... Nevermind. You were talking about heaven. Oh, well. But, hey, same basic mentality, though... *chuckle*...

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And also, Uranus has been

And also, Uranus has been heavily visited by all manner of creatures....


I'll get my coat...

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@Random Re: "And also,

@Random Re: "And also, Uranus has been heavily visited by all manner of creatures...."

So? For your information, I happen to have a very strict screening process.... *double-take*... Aw, shit. You were talking about the planet. Umm, disregard my initial statement, please.

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And.... when panet X, Nibiru

And.... when panet X, Nibiru returns in its orbit to close approximation to the earth, the six fingered Nephlem will visit us once again and giants will walk the earth,.

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@Cog Re: Nephlem

@Cog Re: Nephlem

That would be awesome! Only problem, though, is that they are only here to steal all our gold. Imagine how excited they're gonna be when they discover Ft. Knox... *chuckle*...

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