All powerful and all loving??

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All powerful and all loving??

Do my fellow atheist friends have a view on an all powerful and all loving god? I dont think its possible for a force to be like that, and with all the pain and suffering in this world, it can not be possible...

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Why would the concept of an

Why would the concept of an all-loving god interest athiests, of all people?! Now if you had a clearer definition of a god and evidence you might have an audience. One man's theology is another man's mythology. The problem is that there's too much superstitious gibberish in the world.

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Possibly the easiest theistic

Possibly the easiest theistic claim to rebut. Because the world exists as it is, with war, terror, death, disease and Justin Beiber, an all-loving god is an impossibility. Also, the fact that I can type out 'if god exists it will strike me dead to prove its existence' without currently being a zombie is also fairly solid evidence.

The fact that an entire field of academic hobby (it's not study whatsoever) called 'APOLOGetics', emphasis mine, exists is proof that the concept was a bungled invention of charlatans and simpletons. Science has never needed an apology. Ever. Except of course when they pulled Bieber out of that vat somewhere under the Epcot Center...that was apology-worthy.

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Bieber is all the proof you

Bieber is all the proof you need that God dosent exist. Even the devil (which also does not exist) would have face palmed at that mistake :)

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