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All Republicans are deplorable...Donald Trump has ridiculed, belittled and disparaged Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, blacks, woman etc. This avalanche of humiliation of minorities is constant. Donald Trump said "he could touch a woman's pussy because he is a celebrity. The ugliness of Donald Trump is not exaggerated. Despite all the evil of this ugly racist EVERYONE of the republicans in congress admire, swoon, applaud,, and praise with enthusiasm this horrible disgusting parasite.


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Kenny, please stop posting

Kenny, please stop posting the same thing over and over.

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CyberLN---Obsession against

CyberLN---Obsession against evil is a virtue. Thank-you for asking politely("PLEASE stop posting). Pretty please won't stop me from expressing something so serious and diabolical as the psychopath Donald.Trump. When he belittled the Mexicans. you said nothing. When he ridiculed the Muslims you said nothing. When he disparaged the disabled you said nothing. When he insulted the blacks you said nothing. When he dismissed the transgender you said nothing. When he discussed treating woman in a disgusting way by saying he can "touch" their PUSSY because he is a celebrity you said nothing. CyberLN -Don't criticize me---Join me in a crusade against EVIL

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Hmmm... I'm no expert, but I'm fairly certain you did NOT help your cause with that response.

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Tin Man-I don't mean to

Tin Man-I don't mean to insult your intelligence --actually I do.. My posts are perceptive and meaningful. Your inability to understand the significance of my inspiring, relevant ideas and conclusions shows me your Tin Man's costume is rusting. WD 40 or a quart of Castro motor oil might help.

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Actually, you sound like an

Actually, you sound like an idiot. Your posts are pointless and meaningless with as much depth as coffee spilled on a granite counter top. You have inspired nothing, nothing you say is relevant. You don't talk about why you hate Trump or what he's done to upset you. Then you insult tin man... You're ridiculous. Heed cybers warning.

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Hey, thanks, Apost.

Hey, thanks, Apost.

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Aposterriori Unum===I won't

Aposterriori Unum===I won't engage you in a response, It would be against my integrity to argue with-------------fill in the blank . I am reluctant to fill in the blank myself as the words I might use could cause me to get kicked out of this forum again

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@Triumph Re: Apost

@Triumph Re: Apost

*laughing-laughing-laughing....* Excuse me... Hold on a sec...*laughing-laughing-laughing...* Oh, my belly hurts! I think I popped a rivet!
*laughing-laughing-laughing...* Wooooo...... Hang on... Gotta catch my breath.... *pant-pant*... Okay, a little better now.... Phew! *chuckle-chuckle*...
Whew! Please forgive that. *wiping tears from my eyes* Okay, where was I?... Oh, yeah. *sniff*

I think you are very wise not to address Apost directly. It would be a shame to see you enter into a battle of wits with him, as you are obviously completely unarmed. Even worse, however, it would be a sad waste of Apost's intellect. Much like using a nuclear bomb to take out a little kid holding a cap gun. And besides, you would never really know what hit you anyway. And what fun would that be?
Oh, there is something I forgot to tell you earlier when I said you amuse me. I should have added "for now". Yes, I am easily amused, but I am also very easily bored. Kinda like how a cat may eventually get bored with slapping around a little mouse. (Funny. Never seems to end well for the mouse. *scratching chin*) Anyway, for the moment, little boy, you crack me up. For the moment.....

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You won't engage me in an

You won't engage me in an argument because I will obliterate you.

If you're so intelligent and wise, tell me what reasons you have for hating Trump? (I do not support him but I also do not support ignorant arguments).

What is your issue? You're hostile, we get that, but why? You have not said anything of substance since you began with your rampage.

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I don't agree with the OP's

I don't agree with the OP's title at the least, and there's a pretty big difference between voters and politicians, and also I'm not here to defend @Triumph (he's being so tiresome with this topic), but at risk of being obliterated by @Aposteriori Unum, hehe (sth he most probably would do with no effort, to be honest), and though in my country we have our own Trump ruling for 6 years already, Mr. Rajoy, I do have reasons for hating Trump I wouldn't mind pointing out. He's not the anti-Christ (whatever means to be "anti" a fictional character), but he's elevated all to be hated about politics to a whole new level:

- He's the King of the Fake News. He speaks and tweets whatever comes into his mind, regardless its source, authenticity or consequences.
- He's being disrespectful to minorities over and over again. The grabby-pussing remark and the mockery to the disabled reporter are indefensible.
- His nepotism (and his son-in-law and the positions he's in!) is almost a joke.
- He's sorrounded by theocrats (and his cabinet keeps shrinking...). Remember the pray in the Oval Office.
- He's cut critical NASA Climate Missions on March and his foreign relations are a complete disaster. On June, he joined Siria and Nicaragua as the only three nations in the world out of the Paris Agreement... and yesterday 128 countries voted in the UN against Trump's declaration on Jersusalem (only 8 supported him).

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Flamencabot----Your critique

Flamencabot----Your critique of the psychopath racist evil, narcissist Donald Fucking Trump were commendable. Good Try--Your description of many of the sociopath's policies are accurate. The part you left out are the flaws in the horrible mother fuckers character. Donald fucking Christ is an empty vessel-totally lacking empathy. Your knowledge of the terrible sick corrupt policies of the "devil" are well documented. But the horror is the republicans in the congress(all of them) support the maniac. Most of the mor-ns is this forum ridiculed me or criticized me or demeaned me or reprimanded me or challenged me or threatened me. Thank you very much for your perceptive insight and intelligence.

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Well, @Triumph, thanks for

Well, @Triumph, thanks for that kind compliment.

The part you left out are the flaws in the horrible mother fuckers character. I wouldn't be friends with his, but at the end of the day, who cares? Was Nixon less revolting because he was less stupid and more in control of himself? What matters to your country, and to the world eventually, are his public actions. It seems to me you are trapped in a well of hate along with Trump, which I wouldn't recommend for one's sanity.

You know, you repeat words like "devil" and "anti-Christ" and it isn't clear to me if you mean this to be true, as a concept. I mean, he has maaaany flaws, but I wouldn't relate any of his features to a magical origin.

P.S. You should pay attention to @Mykcob4, as usual, wise words: When in Rome, do as the Romans. When someone gets roasted in here, it's always for a good reason.

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Actually, I prefer Havoline and 3-in-1 oil. (Castro gives me gas, and WD-40 penetrates a bit too much for my comfort.) But that's beside the point.

As for insulting my intelligence, I'm confused about how you intend to accomplish that. I keep telling everybody Scarecrow got the brain, but nobody seems to listen. Puzzling. *scratching my head* Anyway, truth be known, you rather amuse me a little (in a distorted kind of way). In a strange way, this place might even tend to get a bit boring without you. Word of advice, however: I would strongly suggest you avoid pissing off Cyber. It could end up ruining your upstanding reputation. Just sayin'...

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I don't care that you've insulted me. I don't have an ego. You've insulted others and that does not sit well with me at all.
I don't like republicans or conservatives of any kind, but at least I point out what it is that I don't like. You have started a number of threads about the same issue and al you do is rant.
I'm sure by now you are on the short list for CyberLn to address. You'd better heed her warning. She means what she says. She is patient even forgiving, but you are testing her.
I haven't seen one single post or thread by you that was worth anything. It's fine to post light-hearted threads but you haven't posted anything of value. You are acting like a theist that comes here to just spam and troll. I would bet that you have been kicked off of a number of forums for this behavior alone.
If you have a specific issue or even a general one that we can DISCUSS, then let's do that. If you just want to sound off to relieve frustration I can sympathize but you really can't do that here.
I appeal to you as a republican/conservative hater to stop and think about what you are doing. You want to bash conservatives, okay, but let's do it constructively. You'll find support here among most of the members. I have anyway.
I don't want to lose you just because you are venting. I vent and CyberLn always ropes me in. Let her rope you in. She is MORE than fair. Listen to what the other members have to say. They aren't defending conservatives or republicans. They are really trying to help you. They help me every day. C'mon man, let's get it together. I will be on your side. Like I said I don't have an ego. You want to bash any members here, bash me. I am okay with that. You can't hurt my feelings. Heck, I'm frustrated as well. I hate Trump and the republicans probably more than you. For cryin' out loud I protested in the 60s!
If you give these people here a chance, they will bend over backwards to help you. They aren't against you.

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@Triumph: "All Republicans

@Triumph: "All Republicans are deplorable..."

Is there some religious dimension to their deplorability? I thought I'd logged into the Atheist Forum, not the American Partisan Politics Forum.

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I totally disagree do you

I totally disagree do you know that the Republican party was instrumental in stopping racism!!! It was the democrats who stood for open racism, I can see you don`t know your history very well. Why so much hate here/ Are you a minority is that why? Why don`t you make a fair appraisal with just facts other then what game your playing with your emotions. In fact You`ll see more done for minorities under the trump administration then what The last president who was a minority did. Just look at the murder rate on the south side of Chicago and the racial tensions that Obama exasperated.

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Sources or I call buullshit.

Sources or I call buullshit.

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call it what you may like I

call it what you may like I told him above go back and learn your history. The democrats many owned slaves Just look at some of there legislation they put forth, It was against minority peoples of color. just examine please.

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When Lincoln was president the NEW republican party was LIBERAL. When McKinley became POTUS the GOP became the racist elitist party that is now. So YOU need to learn history young man.
In the 1960s the Democratic party became the more Liberal of the political parties where only southern democrats were conservative racist. When Nixon first ran for president the GOP were solid racist and the Democratic Party grew even more diverse and respectful of ALL Americans. The final nail that made the GOP the ultimate racist party was the election of Reagan. That is when the residual of racist democrats flipped parties. The present-day GOP is not the party of Lincoln and Teddy R. It is a racist fascist nationalist-populist party. The GOP has no dignity, no integrity, no morals, no ethics and no honor!
Again AG you demonstrate that you don't know anything about what you interject yourself into.

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I am in Australia and I knew

I am in Australia and I knew that!

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Start with Abraham Lincoln,

Start with Abraham Lincoln, he was a Republican president no? He championed abolitionism through the 13th amendment and was broadly supported by his (the Republican) party, though the Republican and Democrat parties are not diametrically opposed on the same lines over this issue now, quite obviously. To even imply the democrats were racist now would be as absurd as Triumph's vapid generalisation about Republicans. I think Triumph is too angry to make much sense, which is saying something when his target is as easy as the aptly named Trump, but his posts just seem like angry diatribe to me. Yes most of the adjectives he aims at Trump seem deserved, but then why state the obvious, what is he suggesting be done, and why one earth try to label all Republicans as deplorable? I'd have thought that he'd want to stay away from the kind of generalisations that are precisely the kind of bigotry Trump is notorious for.

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Sheldon--I don't want to

Sheldon--I don't want to argue with you as it will be a waste of my time. You distorted most of my argument. so I won't bother challenging you,,,,90% of republicans voted for the psychopath and still support the egomaniac. 100% of the members in the house and Senate praise the narcissist and glorify and admire him. The policy against Obama care 99% voted to appeal. On the Tax reform 99% voted for it. Ok 99% of Republicans are deplorable. No reason to insult me.. Is that what you do is this forum. I would never do that --ask Tin Man. I am such a mellow happy gentle peaceful wonderful person...

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@All Re: Triumph - "No

@All Re: Triumph - "No reason to insult me.... I would never do that --ask Tin Man."

"We're sorry, but Tin-man is currently unavailable for questioning, as he is curled up in the fetal position laughing uncontrollably at the mere suggestion that Triumph could ever cause him insult. Medics have been notified and are enroute to administer oxygen and sedatives as necessary. Please leave a message at the tone, and Tin-man will gladly get back to you just as soon as he manages to catch his breath. Thank you, and have a wonderful day."...... *beeeeeep*

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Well it's no surprise you

Well it's no surprise you avoid debate, and refuse to answer expansive objections. What is a mystery is what you expect to achieve with this kind of histrionics and preaching? You won't sway people by insulting them, and refusing to engage with them. I dislike everything Trump stands for, but I see no point in lying and using crass disingenuous insults like psychopath, as even though this is not a clinical definition of course, it is a word that has a fairly precise meaning, and that would require evidence before your accusation could be considered anything but absurd mud slinging. I tend to view stats with cynicism, and as if they are made up, unless you provide links to research and evidence, and even if you could that doesn't make all Republicans deplorable, as this is your own subjective view. You're entitled to it of course but again these kind of histrionics seem more worthy of Trump.

I wasn't aware I'd insulted you, my remarks were aimed at what you had posted. Though given your own use of ad hominem thus far I'm not sure how can seriously object if others do respond in kind, something to consider again if you wish to engage with people in a constructive manner.

Again a person is not deplorable because they hold a perspective or political ideals that differ from your own, and again it is precisely this kind of insulting rhetoric trump is infamous for. If you find their political choices deplorable then fine, you can say so and say why, that is different from the ad hominem you're resorting to with this insulting rhetoric.

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ALL REPUBLICANS ARE DEPLORABLE---I am not sure I want to be in this forum anymore. Maybe I will get kicked out (again) anyway. Some of you told me I don't know history because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and over 100 years ago the democrats were conservative. Over 50 years ago George Wallace was a democrat and he was a racist. 15 years ago I had no grey hair and now I have silver hair and less of it. Obviously Republicans today are conservative and democrats more liberal. To ridicule me on history means you are in a fake world not understanding the 'theme" or premise of my post. Some of you are republicans and rejected or dismissed my post as wrong or stupid. I can only say to you--GET A LIFE. Some of you told me I am just "ranting" and get specific. I am not sure "YOU" can read. Donald fucking Trump ridiculed Muslims, demeaned Mexicans, made fun of the handicap, dismissed blacks, humiliated transgender human beings and said he can touch a woman, PUSSY because he is a celebrity etc etc etc etc etc etc..I can get more specific but you get the idea. Some of you don't think much of Donald fucking Trump either. I have hope for you----Open you eyes see what I see. Understand Donald fucking Trump is a narcissist, an egomaniac, a psychopath, a sociopath, a horrible terrible disgusting, racist. Some of you have no clue. I have sympathy for you...PEACE

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@Triumph Re: "Some of you

@Triumph Re: "Some of you have no glue."

Not true. I have plenty in my sewing/craft room, and even more in my basement workshop.

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adaboy. keep shouting insults

adaboy. keep shouting insults, that'll work eventually. Again insulting ad hominem and crass empty rhetoric are why people are objecting to your posts. It actually takes some doing to fail to get anyone on side when your attacking Donald Trump, and yet you are achieving this by alienating everyone in turn. You seem too angry to engage sensibly here, so I'll leave it at that anyway.

Merry xmas.

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agnostic believer - ...the

agnostic believer - ...the Republican party was instrumental in stopping racism!

Racism has been stopped? News to me.

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All republicans are

All republicans are deplorable-ask tin man

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Hey, everybody! Just realized

Hey, everybody! Just realized something awesome! Little fun fact for the day....

Simply take the "hi" out of Triumph, and amazingly he looks.... just..... like.... (wait for it....)....



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