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@Lorac Re: Predators vs.

@Lorac Re: Predators vs. Prey

Actually, that may have been what happened to the unicorns instead of the zebras.

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According to the biblical fairy tale Noah also loaded enough specific animal feed for all of the animals.

Genesis 6:21 (TLB) = "Store away in the boat all the food that they and you will need.”

An adult elephant can eat 200-600 pounds of food a day and drink 50 gallons of water. So two adult elephants would require a minimum of 146,000 pounds of food for a year and 36,500 gallons of water.

A captive lion can get by on 8 pounds of meat a day so two lions would need 5,840 pounds of meat for a year.

Camels eat about 8 pounds a day when food is available and can drink up to 30 gallons of water at a time. The fat in their humps acts as an alternate energy supply so they don't have to eat and drink every day. But if they did two could consume 6,570 pounds of food in a year and 21,900 gallons of water if they drank 30 gallons each per day.

Now add up all of the food and water requirements for all of the animals and you will need a super-size ship. Remember, they were on the ark for a year. Even Hercules wouldn't have been able to clean up all of that assorted crap.

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Here's another Grand Canyon

Here's another Grand Canyon of a hole in the " ark theory" ---

If the entire planet flooded - one of two things would happen.

1. All the freshwater fish would die from the excess salinity.

Or - if the water became predominately fresh -

2. Nearly all of the saltwater fish would die.

There's really no middle ground on this.

So how do we explain the continued existence of the two independently evolved biomes???


Ark theory = mindless moonbat bullshit.

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@Cronus Re: Salt water

@Cronus Re: Salt water/Fresh water

Ah-ha! Got it! At the risk of giving pro-arkers a tiny piece of ammo (*giggle-snort*), I may have a solution to that. I've seen a couple of documentaries of "underwater rivers" where "rivers" of high-density salt water are "flowing" within deep bodies of fresh water. So, the little fresh water fishies hang out in the fresh water area, while all the little salt water fishies hang out in the salt water areas below the fresh water zones. Of course, that's gonna be a real bitch for the dolphins and whales, but - hey - that's just a minor detail.

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@ TM, I knowyou will not mind

@ TM, I knowyou will not mind a correction that also gets the "arkers" off your back
Being air breathers with control over their internal bodily functions to counter pressure changes. I don't think dolphins or whales give a crap about salinity as whales often dive through the various saline levels/pressure in the ocean as do dolphins who also live happily in fresh water environments like the Amazon.
When I lived in the NW of Australia (very remote) we had a fresh water creek where a dolphin would regularly swim up to say hello and see if I was fishing and willing to share!
We called him Billy...he was a lot more friendly and communicative than the one that swims by these forums.

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@Old Man Re: Whales/Dolphins

@Old Man Re: Whales/Dolphins

Ya know, I was actually wondering about that, to be honest. I really was not sure about how important fresh or salt water was to dolphins and whales. Granted, I would imagine for long-term survival they would require salt water, but I suppose going back and forth through fresh water every so often wouldn't cause too much of a problem. (Hey! Anybody here by chance a marine biologist? lol)

Anyway, thanks for the info. Learn something new every day. And you are right, I do not mind being corrected if I am wrong about something.

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try this teacher.scholastic
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The buoyancy that the dolphin

The buoyancy that the dolphin will experience is different (less buoyant that salt water) so they might become exhausted.

Dolphins' skin has evolved for a salt water environment. If the animal were to spend too much time in fresh water, the animal's skin would begin to slough off. I'm not sure of the mechanism, but it's pretty gross. Besides, salt water have some curative properties against infections, probably freshwater will make it moer difficult for them to fight skin infections.

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@Aperez Re: Dolphins

@Aperez Re: Dolphins

There we go! Knew it had to be something along those lines. While short stays in fresh water wouldn't necessarily be harmful, it makes sense it could not actually survive in it indefinitely, as its biology is dependent on the salt water environment. Thanks for the info!

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The buoyancy that the dolphin

You are welcome.

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@Aperez Re:Dolphins(2)

@Aperez Re:Dolphins(2)

Uh, yeah. Got it the first time. Still makes sense now. LOL

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Hey, not fair. You did a

Hey, not fair. You did a switch-aroo on me.

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I recall the claim that there

I recall the claim that there was no carnivorism before the flood. I think that is mentioned in the bibble or maybe Ken Ham told me so in a vision.
All the gold silver and rich fabrics used in building the ark of the covenant had been stolen/borrowed from the Egyptians before the exodus. While jehovah was hardening pharoah's heart he was softening the hearts of the Egyptians so they happily handed over whatever the Israelites wanted. God also suggested they also just help themselves to whatever jewellery and trinkets they found in their neighbours houses. All all the while the Egyptians suffered the plagues and deaths of their first borns causd by the Hebrew god. They just don't write stories like this anymore.
Good thing.

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We can say for sure that there was no meat eating before the Fall—this is the major downhill discontinuity in world history. However, there is nothing to say that there was no carnivory before the Flood.

The article was written in response to a reader inquiry about ancient carnivores. A dinosaur fossil was found with a carnivore tooth embedded in a bone. Apparently the dinosaurs weren't predatory. They were just having a dispute.

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Thanks for that particularly

Thanks for that particularly frightening creationist link Algebe.

“Scientific models must never be placed on the same level as Scripture, let alone placed in a magisterial role where ‘science’ over-rides the propositional revelation.”

Sweet Overdue Lord, it’s written like they really mean it.

Anyway, so God says we were permitted to eat meat after the Flood. Right. Good thing too, as Noah, having rescued all the fauna celebrates by inventing the barbecue, which might explain the unicorn dilemma. This is the time God gets hooked on that particularly pleasant aroma that becomes the main staple of sacrifice for centuries to come.

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@Grinseed: Sweet Overdue Lord

@Grinseed: Sweet Overdue Lord, it’s written like they really mean it.

Welcome to the wonderful whacky world of fundamentalist Christians. Don't forget to set your watch back 1,000 years as you disembark from the Ark.


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