An Almighty God writing a book?

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An Almighty God writing a book?

I am offended by Christians and/or Muslims when they tell me some god they fear had to write a "holy book" to send me a message!
How is this possible?!
An Almighty God does that?
And the message was in a strange code, to be deciphered by professional personnel I had to pay for the service?!
I ask them, since when did an almighty god need couriers to deliver his messages for a fee?

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We know for a fact men put

We know for a fact men put the bible together we also know some parts they discarded, one was a tale about jeasus as a baby meeting dragons and telling them to dissapear and sleep 'your work is done'. Ludicrous but so is most of the stuff they kept.

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And WHEN will we be able to

And WHEN will we be able to discredit those holy book enough to get them out of circulation and from molesting our CHILDREN with violent tales?

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Not just tales the pope

Not just tales the pope admitted hes been told by his staff investigators that atleast one in fifty priests are pedos and the church has been involved in a massive conspiracy to cover it up. That conspiracy allowed the pedos to carry on!!!!
Its seriously well past time the church was disbanded or forced to stand trial for crimes against humanity.
Were forced to respect the belief of an organisation responsible for atrocities past and current. Witch trials are still being held by christians in the less developed countries!!!! Not to mention the anti gay law in uganda caused by us christians and nothings been done to them!!!

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I ment usa lol not us i

I ment usa lol not us i stopped being christian 20 yrs ago because i could not stand the hypocrisy and contradictions.

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Agree with the desire to

Agree with the desire to disband the pope's CULT of criminals.
If the pope walked my street, I would cross to the other side to avoid him!
I don't like popes, their criminal cult, and the product they sell.
My logic is this: when a religious organization commits CRIME to uphold its creed, that makes it CRIMINAL.
It is time intelligent folk stand up to reject this religious clown and its sinister agents.

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They do have snazzy hats,

They do have snazzy hats, though.

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Let's be clear - there's

Let's be clear - there's religion, and there's politics. I personally don't believe in either, however it's not quite correct to mistake one for the other.

Religion has been wielded as a tool for corrupt politics for so long that it's easy for anyone assessing the situation to reject religion as an evil force (I just reject it because it makes no sense, but whatever) and the reason for the violence and ignorance that spreads within it. However, even if you removed the surreptitious agendas from religion, it would still be a thing, wouldn't it?

So, to say that you hate religion because of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and child molestation is not really a good enough reason in my mind. It would be a good reason to reject the Catholic church though, as they've notoriously misused their power as a n organization.

The whole *concept* of religion doesn't sit well with me, even if it were presented by a brand new church that hadn't yet killed anyone at all, like the Scientologists.

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Its easy to claim politicions

Its easy to claim politicions use religion but from what ive observed is the other way round the churches have vast financial resources they use in politics to get preferential treatments. Look at hobby lobby.

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By the way how many americans

By the way how many americans noticed that putting in god we trust on money broke the first amendment.

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In light of this verse from

In light of this verse from the Bible, "Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me," I am inclined to agree with the statement that there is only one God.

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