Angel apparently caught on camera in Michigan!

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Angel apparently caught on camera in Michigan!

Some people (the people who took this image) are convinced it is a real angel, while others say it was likely just a moth on the lens of the camera. Logically, I guess we cannot conclude it is an angel, as we don't know what it is, what the cause of the image is, etc. There are a million things it could be, and just because we don't have an explanation doesn't give us the right to say it is one. I am not sure if these people saw this light in real life as they took the picture, or if it just ended up in the picture later, but the moth theory would make more logical sense or something around those lines. CNN got a Priest on the news who apparently died in a car accident, came back, talked about a visit to heaven, etc and he says he believes it is an angel, but from a non biased source, the answer would likely be very different.

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Welcome back, RT!

Welcome back, RT!

I've missed your woo. Speaking of woo- I was watching an episode of 'Penn & Teller's Bullshit'! the other day and learned fighter pilots experience NDE type hallucinations during G--LOC. I thought of you because I know you're interested in NDEs. Here's the link:

Edit: Here's your "angel" debunked:

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And mermaids as well.
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@ RT

@ RT

So that's what they are? I have pics of these winged fuckers every night on my security I know they are angels I shall put away the fly spray and get my anti bullshit gun.

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Very unimpressive! Why modern

Very unimpressive! Why modern journalists are giving this a moment of attention is beyond me. Oh , it's Fox.

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if people wanna look for

if people wanna look for something extraordinary, they would really spot anything just to make money. look..john "the brilliant mind" breezy believed it already.

"ghost are real, therefor god is real"


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2 billion hand held cameras

2 billion cameras that people take with them everywhere (smart phones); and this is all they can come up with?

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Damn it. Why is it always out

Damn it. Why is it always out of focus? You'd think people would be a little more careful so we could get at least get ONE clear picture. Sheesh.

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The problem is that this

The problem is that this picture is not a clear and precise image. It is very fuzzy, and thus open to interpretation by the viewer.

If one was to "believe" that this is an "angel", their belief will be founded on just "faith". And faith is not a pathway to the truth.

So ask yourself, would this evidence stand up in a court of law? Was the light on continually? It is a fact that moths are drawn to light at night.

And as pointed out by Nyarlathotep, we humans now have millions of cameras, and millions of photos and videos are taken each day. And this is the best "proof" of something spiritual?

Sorry, I need something more concise to accept this photo as anything but a moth.

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@ David

@ David
"A mirth" What?" You said " a Mirth" I did not I said a mirth, "what" You said " a mirth again" Vat is wrong with you? I mirth that is what I said....It was a MIRTH...

Peter Sellers did it so well...

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I only watched until I saw

I only watched until I saw the photo and paused. It took me only about 0.0003 nanoseconds to know it was a moth, or other insect that flew by in front ot the camera.

Now off to watch the whole video, then read the comments here.


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I won't believe it's an angel

I won't believe it's an angel until I see the corpse of a tiny, shriveled angel at the bottom of one of those high-voltage bug zappers. Hey, angels have to be small or else you couldn't fit them onto the head of a pin.

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Attach Image/Video?: 

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Oh it's definitely and angel.

Oh it's definitely and angel. In fact, I am certain it is the same Angel that showed the golden plates to Joseph Smith! You can tell by the smile!

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If the "supernatural" could

If the "supernatural" could be observed, in what sense would it be supernatural?

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Wait... I could be wrong.

Wait... I could be wrong. It might be the angel that gave Muhammad the Quaran.

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That angel is Elvis in the

That angel is Elvis in the fringe suit!

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no, its an angel...the angel

no, its an angel...the angel of death though...see how it holds its sword? its ready for the kill..

and its following order.."kill that driver" said god. angels don't have moral compass like "myuser" is..

GOD: "myuser" kill
MYUSER: (*robot look*) yes sir !!!!..

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No No No! It is the archangel

No No No! It is the archangel Michael who became Jesus (Jehovah's Witness belief), that is why the angel is on Earth.

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@Nyarlathotep: It is the

@Nyarlathotep: It is the archangel Michael

But it doesn't look anything like John Travolta. Where's the scruffy raincoat? It's definitely fat Elvis in a fringe suit.

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*rushing in through door

*rushing in through door holding giant butterfly net in one hand*.....*bent over with one hand on knee, out of breath, panting hard*.... Hey!...*pant-pant-pant*... Anybody seen a crazy guy with a sword and fake moth wings pass through here?....*looking around frantically*... He escaped from the hospital, and I've been chasin' that son-of-a-bitch all over the place!... *guzzles a bottle of water*.....*deep breath and exhale*... Okay, I gotta get back out there! Let me know if you spot him!....*rushes back out the door*...

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Sorry sir. Did not recognize

Sorry sir. Did not recognize you at first. It went that way...


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