Annie, get 'chur guns!!!

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Annie, get 'chur guns!!!

Annie, get 'chur guns!!!

I am attempting to shine a little light upon gun problem which is everywhere. The United States' gun issue is the example I am using though I feel strongly the points I am trying to make is global as well as local, wherever you are.

The issue I propose isn't a constitutional one, it has nothing to do with the the militarization of the State's nor foreign and domestic policies, though those are part of the instability.

It is safety.

When we don't feel safe, feel "ok", we reach for escape from that lion whatever it be.
There is zero comradery, all sides whether able to afford to be in power or not are dissatisfied and feel unheard. Being heard is integral to being "ok"!
The dissatisfaction causes examination using their critical thinking mind and the problem quickly spreads throughout the system towards general dissatisfaction.

Putting us further from being ok.

Next step is a search to feel better. Here guns, drugs including alcohol, and anything else one reaches at in this dissatisfied state, and all are bad. All are screams at needing help to be "ok".
Anyone carrying a gun for purposes other than calories or a military issue isn't saying "look out I am a bad ass!", they are saying they are so not "ok" they need to be armed in a situation where most aren't. It isn't power it is fear. Power comes from an examined life led well and not from a gun.
Saying "being armed equals protection" means you learned nothing when the Marines, the freakin Marines, fully armed and equipped and French special forces, all not only armed and ready but in a place expecting an attack were attacked by two men killing 305 people.
The distance between feeling a need so strong to weaponize your protection from a lion to utilizing the power of life and death to send a message is a very fine one.
Everyone's stability is tentative. What is "ok" now doesn't it will be "ok" in 3 seconds.
Yes, the availability needs to be reduced especially those weapons designed with hunting Humans in mind.
The excellent Constitution states "that a well regulated militia shall not be impeded from having weapons" (not verbatim).
Though one could say "I am ex-military and well trained and have proven myself responsible with weapons. I should be able to have an M-16!"
Firstly, thank you very much, I hope you are able to stand behind what you fought for. I would add the caveat that your mission is over. Again thank you!
If seeing the comparative peace back home as so unsettling you need a weapon of war to replace the previous ones you used for the same purpose, you may well need help readjusting or you had the lack of being "ok" long before your service as I did.
Please get help.
If however you are adjusting please join the militia to protect against tyranny. The forefathers designed the 2nd Amendment for that very purpose.
Even if all guns were banged into farm tools not "ok" is not "ok"! As seen within and outside the borders, a truck, car, airplane, hell no weapon is needed to exact violence on any and all.
Work towards being "ok"!
Not just you but having an environment in which you live that removes the need for the guns.
Guns are not the problem they are a symptom of a society where not "ok" is the norm. This has resulted in a imagined need to arming for war with weapons of war solely out of fear of those around equally trying to be "ok".

Good luck all!

Robert Peters

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Look guys... He actually

Look guys... He actually wrote an OP that won't make us go UUGGHH! It's too long...


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Excellent, I see you got the

Excellent, I see you got the just of my point in your response.
Thanks for the input I will try and use it to approach a more cogent argument.

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First, I want to say, you are

First, I want to say, you are correct on some points. There are some people who should never have guns.

Second, I have been taught how to handle guns thoroughly since I was 5 years old. My father was ex-military, ex-Boy Scout, etc ( later became a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, then Engineering Tech in the Navy). He was also what I call a Dont Care. He did not give a damn either way on the religion thing. However, he was a firm believer that no one should force their beliefs no matter what they be onto other persons. Ultimately, he believed every person had the right to believe whatsoever they wished to believe. My mom was an exact polar opposite. And no wonder they divorced after 15 years.

Don't get me wrong. I loved them both and still do, although my father died recently. The only thing puts a rift between me and my family is the fact that I am a Rationalist. I am also a Geologist, professionally, and an Astrophysicist and Astronomer by hobby choice. Since I have never believed in any religion, that has caused a rift.

I am a firm believer in the right of all citizens to bear arms. I shall be the first to admit that not all should have that right. I feel the true solution is to thoroughly test every person, like they do for driver's license, and force them to earn a license just to have the right to own a gun. I shall always be first to believe that any freedom is earned, NOT given. I earned my right by serving in the military.

And one thing I shall always state, "Just try and take my guns away from me. One of us shall end up dead first."

And here is something funny. I have a gun collection to make anyone envious. However, I have very little ammunition. I have some for my Desert Eagle (which fires anything .35 to .50 caliber) and my double-barrelled 10-guage shotgun. Otherwise, I do not keep ammo. I will purchase as needed when I go hunting. That is if I go bear hunting. I hunt with bow and arrow. I only use a gun for bear hunting because I want that sucker to go down first shot. An injured bear ain't something I want to face. An injured deer will just run away.

Ultimately, yes I agree the only problem with guns is that ANYONE can get one. As said, perhaps is the government did regulate who may own guns may help. But I doubt it.

Damn, I am spewing again...


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Interesting, but my question

Interesting, but my question is why do you have a collection of guns? I am also ex-military and learned how to use guns and that they are fun, but my question is why in your life of education and science do you have a need to own something designed for no other purpose than hunting humans?

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Interesting, but my question is why do you have a collection of guns?

At least 90% of my guns are collector's items. Just to list a few:
1) 1942 Luger pistol that was owned by one of the Nazi SS in WW2.
2) 1909 Swiss Army Rifle complete with original bayonet.
3) 1782 Black Powder Musket Rifle
4) 1919 Thompson submachine gun (with straight and drum magazine)
5) 1878 Colt Peacemaker .45 caliber pistol

And there are 13 other collector's guns I have not listed, but you should get the picture. When I said it would make anyone envious, I meant it. I only have only four guns I actually shot. However it is very rare I use any of these four. Let's see, 18 out of 22 are collector's guns, making 82%. Oh well, I was off by 8% on my first guess...

The four for shooting with...
10-guage double-barrelled Remington shotgun
Desert Eagle .50 caliber (had the opportunity and bought it)
9mm Taurus PT 92
30.06 single shot bolt action Winchester Model 70 (specifically for bear hunting)

I am also ex-military and learned how to use guns and that they are fun, but my question is why in your life of education and science do you have a need to own something designed for no other purpose than hunting humans?

You are the one who says they are for hunting humans. NOT ME. I never said anything about hunting humans. How stupid can you be? The shotgun and Desert Eagle are for home defense only. I live way away from any civilization. I am way too far away for any LEOs to help protect me. I either have to protect myself, or no one shall. Why such large bullets? Because if I am awakened by a home intruder, I want the sorry shit to go down with one shot. I do not want to give that sorry shit a second chance at anything.

Currently I only have 8 shells for the shotgun. Uhmm... 16 rounds for the Desert Eagle. 12 9mm rounds. And 3 rounds for the Winchester. As said, I don't keep much ammunition except what I bring back home from either the shooting range or bear hunting. But I do keep the shotgun and Desert Eagle loaded. Ain't gonna do me much good if they ain't.

The 9mm handgun I carry as a spare when I am bear hunting with the 30.06 rifle. I use a rifle for bear hunting because I want the sucker to go down on first shot. With a bow and arrow, I have to get too damned close to make sure of a kill shot with the arrow, and even then, a million and one factors can cause that arrow to miss the kill. And then I have one hell of a pissed off bear that is going to come for my ass. With deer, elk, rabbits, etc., etc., I hunt using a bow and arrow. If one of those million and one factors cause me to miss the kill shot, I ain't got nothing to worry about. Not like with a bear.

I suggest you go back to school and get more education on how to read.


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I understand (don't agree) why you have the collector's guns. The guns you have for shooting are kind of weird and not really good for what you may use them for. A 10-Guage shotgun. Ammo is overpriced for one thing. A Benelli super 90 12 gauge would be a much better choice.
I have never seen a good use for a .50cal Desert Eagle. I would divest myself of that heavy piece of shit as soon as I could. If you want something other than a 9mm in a handgun I'd pick the HK45 V1. I guess your Taurus is okay but I like Sig 9mm or better yet the Walther PP 9mm. As far as the Winchester Model 70. It's okay, probably better than the Remmington 700 (basically the same weapon). I actually prefer the 270 Weatherby or the Johanssen "Professional". I used both the Remmington 700 and the Winchester 70 in combat.

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Excellent, thanks for

Excellent, thanks for continuing the conversation.
I have no problem with you wanting to gamble on the hopeful increase in the perceived value of your antique symbols of our stupid fear of others. I bet all your obvious badges of your manhood are very satisfying but I am sure you could have gotten a more valuable beanie babie in a "happy meal" trying to give happiness to a child you love. Or if you had a more morally driven road towards the hope for wealth you would have bought yourself an early comic book, designed to spark fantasy and open possibilities, not kill or use as an object of intimidation.
I see and read you are very proud of your obviously loved collection but I absolutely assure you I don't have an erection from your description nor the possibilities left out of it. I understand the importance within the preservation of artifacts even of ones designed only to show we don't have the ability or patience to try and get along.
Something that would be a true badge to be proud of would be to own the last gun on Earth.
As for killing animals if your designation is to eat and feed your family because due to your toil you are unable to and live in a country that doesn't care if you eat or not. Then take a gun "an' git u sum food!"
But you lauding your pride and expected pride you and I should have of your firearms I see you are not starving. So your banging on your chest about killing a bear of all things when you have the money to buy death and collect it makes me realize you are saying you feel so unsafe, so not "ok", so small and unloved within who you are you must kill something.
A bear kill isn't a sport and if I had to kill one even to eat I would never tell anyone about it. I am secure in my place and with who I am, I am not "ok" but I always try in a way that doesn't damage anyone and anything around me. I am happy you have pride in a perceived WIN against god, your father, mother, mother nature, some chick or bully or who every gave you such a low self worth and lack of self esteem within your place.
Guns are fun and the hunt and feeling of overwhelming a lion can be exhilarating but I would say if you want my pride, take not a desert eagle, the truck nuts of guns, or even your "single action who gives a shit" and lock them up. You want to impress me with the sport of the hunt then strip down and go at it. See what makes a bear a fear is the knowledge of it's power, size, claws and teeth. They are by deign killers, but man is the best killer alive. Strip down and prove to me that you can beat a bear, one on one, all that makes you you that I am supposed to be proud of an what it make it it. You are smarter than any bear ever, that gives you power over it whether you have the ability to see it or not. You don't have to kill one when there is no sport to a rifle across a glade while a bear is shitting in the woods. If you can prove your prowess and end up on top then perhaps my dick might get hard, but killing something that doesn't have equal chance of killing you is not a badge it is a weakness.
You are such a small person you need to hide behind a .50cal to try and keep your fucking TV?
And brainiac all guns are designed to kill Humans which happen to be able to go through an old bottle, a bear or whatever you need to kill in order to feel good. You, yourself said "got me a desert eagle because of my small penis...oh crap I am sorry, because you want to protect your stuff which is insured. And you are willing to end a life so you don't have to go to walmart when the insurance check comes in. Oh and with the .50 if you shot me in the head, which I am sure you want to do right now after it will continue for a half of a mile with the same lethality you used on me heading towards some innocent person.
How stupid can you be I would have to lobe back.
As for your misinformed logic pertains to being awoken in the middle of the night, in your room, a confined space you bring one of the largest handguns you can buy. Added to this when you miss, and you will miss, it's 4 you went from safe enough to sleep to so afraid you want to murder another Human being, shaking, shitting your beat as you try to do what is so amoral that your book put it in it's top 10 list. I think it was something like...oh yeah, "thou shalt not kill!" I understand within such a statement you could see huge wiggle room but to me it seems to be simply saying "DON'T FUCKING KILL!" When you miss the noise and muzzle flash will be so bright loud and disorientating there in the safety of your bedroom, if he had dental floss as a garrote he will win this "well crafted and thought through" scenario to keep your weak hands on shit that has zero value. I would like to continue on this but if you haven't seen my point yet you very probably will never be able to hear what I am saying to you.
Personally, morally, ethically I have zero problem with you having a shotgun if the situation of your Barbie dream-house on your big spread is to be believed along with your thrilling gun collection, I so want to know more about the rest of your arsenal of death.
However just like the big Ford 4x4 with the confederate flag truck balls out front, you need to be licensed and tested every lets say 5 years, annually would be much better. Other than the one shotgun with only bird-shot and a capacity of 2 rounds including the chambered one all the rest of your guns will be stored at your local police station, you can "own" one when you pass a test to ensure you have no drug or alcohol or evidence of drugs or alcohol in your blood stream, you pass the questionnaire ensuring your mental stability has remained above perceived important standards,
At this point a check of all recent records local/state/federal/Interpol to ensure you still fit into the privileged of having a gun in your possession. At this point the police officer goes through a detailed questionnaire as to why you feel a sudden need to have something designed to kill people in your possession. At this point a those people within your immediate area will be contacted to ensure your having your gun doesn't cause a potential threat those closest to the known threat. .
At this point you are given your rifle and 5 bullets. "Have fun!"
Just to let you know I have 72 books 13 I have yet to read I could go into the years but the importance of the written word goes beyond the question of "WHEN", a guitar which I use to try and teach students English it is from 2005 but if I keep it for 200 years it will be worth money but in the mean time it is used to show the World the joy that is around us, 13 tubes of acrylic paint various colors, at least 6 are less than half full. Shall I go on about what I feel is important for what it actually represents, creativity, positivity through striving to be able to express my point of view and working towards a World where no one will be so scared of the Humans around that they run to the woods only to find themselves now away from those scary people only trying to be "ok" that HE also has lost the protection that being part of a community where law, medicine, people and food are everywhere that HE needs a gun from the boogie man that followed him to his isolation.
The reason I am alright with you having a shotgun and a shell or 2 is that the reality of your fear based isolation has put you in a place where wild animals live, equally afraid of people. They get rabies they may need to be put down Humanely. .
So not only do you have the ludicrously large, obvious attempt to compensate for your lacking manhood, you have it loaded. I hope along with your isolation you left behind anyone put at risk by your inability to see those around you as like you and not something to be feared.
Not that I wish you to be alone but I would rather you take your life with your -
1) 1942 Luger pistol that was owned by one of the Nazi SS in WW2.
2) 1909 Swiss Army Rifle complete with original bayonet.
3) 1782 Black Powder Musket Rifle
4) 1919 Thompson submachine gun (with straight and drum magazine)
5) 1878 Colt Peacemaker .45 caliber pistol
or the shitload of hunks of what should plow the ground or suture wounds and not make them.
By the way the fact you have a gun let alone enough to attempt a coup means when the devil comes a callin' some late night a noise startles you so badly you can't go back to sleep because a twig taped at your roof. When all you need is love, connection and understanding and you realize that your fear actually made those possible. So there in your fortress of solitude the protection you thought your .50cal desert eagle was what was going to keep those things that go bump in the night real or imagined. The damage done by the bullet size and proximity coupled with the fact no one knew to miss you out there and your hungry rabbit, Bugs ate what was left to identify you.
As a John Doe, no more afraid, no longer capable of the concept of fear you turn to dust.
Your weapons stolen and used to kill innocent people, those you were so afraid of.
As for wanting the sucker to go down I understand that is the very real threat of your mammalian relative, the bear, but again by you saying you shoot it with a rifle so it will go down leads me to believe you have a scope so you can take "the sucker go down" from distance so though you get the thrill of removing an innocent life possessing no goal other than the same one you have, to be "ok". I am sure it makes you very much like a MAN within your life of so much fear you are hunting in the first place.
So as a back up to your 22 guns inability to make you feel safe within all of your fear you have a bow and arrow, how cute just like Robin Hood. Do you wear your tights and special hat when you feel a need to kill a rabbit, equally as dangerous as a fucking bear and might add equally as closely related to you.
"It's got HUGE, shiny teeth...Look at the bodies!"
I agree with your last statement that everyone needs more Education it is the foundation of a life unafraid of those around you in your ignorance. As for being able to read, the joy you get from murdering innocent creatures from a safe, sanitary distance, I get from reading. As with your interpretation of the "good book" where you didn't learn the importance of not killing. Apparently some people do need to be told about number 5. But just like your superiority and fear you learned from the "holy" word that has taken you to this point in your obviously happy and satisfying life, there are good things to learn even there.
Read about turning the other cheek, charity, good will towards others and what's most important perhaps you will find the internal strength to only need 21 instruments of death and get rid of the fucking bow and arrow and retire the tights. I actually have more trouble with you killing with an arrow instead of your high powered rifle to make sure "u no git hurt" in your pursuit to feeling like a MAN which obviously hasn't satisfied.
There is far more to life than hiding, all you are doing is waiting in fear to die. Not a life well led in my opinion, not the actions of an Educated person, nor an adult I am sorry to say, but I am not you and you have to live the life you have built for yourself but you needn't continue to hide, it will take time and yes reading but perhaps a year from now you may be on a path where helping and not hiding from people is your mantra.

Good luck out there

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I have presented this issue many times and have clearly stated my case over and over again, but for you, I will do it again.
Me: I served in the USMC for 22 years. I was a Scout/Sniper. I am an expert in firearms. I am retired from that service. (Side note: there is no such thing as an "ex" Marine only inactive). Since my retirement, I have no use or need of a firearm. I don't need it for protection. I don't need to hunt (people don't really even "hunt" anymore). There is no reason for a civilian to ever have a gun.
Basically, the average American is NOT educated. We live in a pop-culture world. A world shaped by TV, Movies, Talk Radio and propaganda. Most people want a gun to be "macho' to become the characters they see in movies. Their real reason has NOTHING to do with the second amendment. However, the NRA and the conservatives have brainwashed their followers to believe that the government is tyrannical and they need guns to protect themselves from the government AND that the 2nd Amendment allows them to arm themselves from the government. That is a fallacy. The 2nd does not allow that at all.
The 2nd Amendment is a provision to protect the nation from an invasion of a foreign power, because there is no provision for a standing army in the Constitution.
Article I Section 8 of the Constitution:
"To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years;"
2nd Amendment:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
So people wanting guns comes from 2 reasons in their minds.
1) As you said fear. A fear put there by the NRA and conservatives.
2) The childish idea that they are macho and the movie characters that they see.
No one needs a gun and there is no provision in the constitution for them to have a gun unless they are part of a WELL REGULATED MILITIA!
Hunting isn't a sport AND it isn't necessary or economical!

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Very good Mykcob4,

Very good Mykcob4,
I think that the need to be perceived as macho is to the same extent a result of not being "ok".

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@wgusapukc(you have got

@wgusapukc(you have got change this I can't address you quickly).
I agree, having to be "macho' is about not being okay. It's about being insecure and self-entitled. People don't want to be okay. They want to be part of a crowd. Not only that they want the attention of that crowd. They want to be adored and hated as essentially it's the same thing. And they are never satisfied. Like Caligula, they are searching for something that is just not there. So they are loud, obnoxious, fucked up, over competitive, and showing off all the time. Immature. People want to be the one that gets away with anything and everything like Trump. The gun culture is all about that attitude, that unrealistic viewpoint of fear and pseudo-macho bullshit!

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Nice, I agree that people

Nice, I agree that people want to be part of a crowd but if there isn't the perceived security there that outweighs the known threat and you are not "ok" there is no safety. The crowd/religion/drugs/money/lotto/any box you put yourself into aren't about being ok.

Good luck out there

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Over 30 States have the right

Over 30 States have the right to bear arms in their State Constitutions. So even if the 2nd Amendment is deleted from the federal Constitution the States can retain theirs unless a new amendment is passed which makes it illegal for everyone to have guns. Some States have simple statements while others have complex ones. But they all specify that the right to bear arms is an individual right.

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As I told you before

As I told you before Diotrephes, state laws don't supersede Federal law in any way shape or form.
Just a point. All laws are written to deny an individual right as an individual has the right to do anything unless specifically prevented by a Constitutional law.

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The issue was deleting the 2nd Amendment from the federal Constitution. Even if it was deleted States could continue to give their citizens the right to bear arms within the State. In order to prevent that there would have to be a federal amendment that says that citizens can't have guns.

Some State Constitution Bill of Rights give people all kinds of rights that aren't even hinted at in the federal Constitution.

In California,
"SEC. 7.5.
Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

SEC. 20.
Noncitizens have the same property rights as citizens.

SEC. 24.
Rights guaranteed by this Constitution are not dependent on those guaranteed by the United States Constitution."

Florida Constitution =,_Florida_Constitution#cite_ref-fl_1-0

"Text of Section 2:
Basic rights
All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property; except that the ownership, inheritance, disposition and possession of real property by aliens ineligible for citizenship may be regulated or prohibited by law. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.[1]

Text of Section 6:
Right to Work
The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike.[1]

Now compare the Florida bail right =
Text of Section 14:
Pretrial Release and Detention

Unless charged with a capital offense or an offense punishable by life imprisonment and the proof of guilt is evident or the presumption is great, every person charged with a crime or violation of municipal or county ordinance shall be entitled to pretrial release on reasonable conditions. If no conditions of release can reasonably protect the community from risk of physical harm to persons, assure the presence of the accused at trial, or assure the integrity of the judicial process, the accused may be detained.[1]"

to the federal 8th Amendment =
"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

If you can't get bail then it's by definition "excessive".

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