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Annual Reminder

As some of you know, it's a personal mission of mine to provide an annual reminder to get your flu shot.

If you have no medical contraindications, please consider doing so. Getting a flu shot may save your life or the lives of others. There are folks who cannot get one, so those who can and do, provide herd immunization to others.


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good idea. I'm going to try

good idea. I'm going to try to make convince my wife get one this season. She isn't opposed to vaccinations, just needles!

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Well, tell her that it

Well, tell her that it protects against H1N1. That particulat flu can cause the complication of viral cardiomyopathy. Have her read up an that. One tiny needle prick from a flu shot is WAY fewer than the buh-zillion a person gets when they have to be wired for sound for heart failure due to that complication.

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Some nurses can put the

Some nurses can put the needle in almost painlessly, while others make it feel like a harpoon. I always make a point of complimenting the former on their excellent technique. It helps to build up goodwill for the next time.

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When my daughter was in

When my daughter was in school, I let her practice on me. She was good at it :-)

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The worst I ever encountered

The worst I ever encountered was a Catholic nun/nurse in a private hospital back in the 60s. She came in to give me shot before surgery.
"This will hurt. Do you want it left or right?"
"I'm left-handed, so perhaps the right arm would be better."
"I wasn't talking about your arm."

I can still remember that pain. That was the one time I regretted putting "Atheist" on a form.

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Way ahead of you.........

Way ahead of you.........

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Good for you, Tieler!

Good for you, Tieler!

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I with be both receiving and

I with be both receiving and giving flu shots again this year. Not bragging but I recieve compliments on my technique all the time.

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I'm one of the ones who gets

I'm one of the ones who gets a sore arm for a few days after. Sigh. Worth it!

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Thank you for your

Thank you for your consideration CyberLN .... Awareness on this issue is much needed. Vaccines Don't cause Autism. and thank you chimp3 for your service.

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I'm always so amazed that

I'm always so amazed that despite the retraction of that 'study' as faked by the author, folks still are anti-vaxers.

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Thank you CyberLN for your

Thank you CyberLN for your thoughtfulness! It's a done deal over here. Nabbed by the nurse doing a routine visit to my doctor! Never got a "harpoon." Around here pharmacies, supermarkets, and probably other places offer to do the flu shot.

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Was in the drug store the

Was in the drug store the other day and was asked by the cashier if I'd had my flu shot yet. Loved it!

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