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Annual Reminder

It's time again for my annual reminder, for those without medical contraindications, to get their flu shot.

If you cannot afford one, you can google "free flu shots" and you'll likely find them offered in your area.

Please, please, please get one yourself (if you've no contraindications) and encourage everyone you know to do the same if they are able.

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Oh NO CyberLN, I can't get a

Oh NO CyberLN, I can't get a flu shot. I might get autism!

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The health authorities here

The health authorities here in Queensland said that flu shots won't stop older people from getting flu, but they will make them less likely to die from it. During our winter, which is just ending, several retirement homes have lost multiple patients.

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If you are healthy, and just

If you are healthy, and just do not want to bother with flu shot, read this:

I admit in my younger days I did not bother. But,after reading about and understanding herd immunity, I realized it is a simple and often free quick thing to do to help save lives.

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Not only will I get one but I

Not only will I get one but I will be administering them also. I have been told that my injection technique is friendly.

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For those of you over 50 or

For those of you over 50 or those that have respiratory diseases think about a pneumonia vaccination also.

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Excellent advice, Chimp! I

Excellent advice, Chimp! I've gotten mine :-)

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I got my flu shot yesterday.

I got my flu shot yesterday.

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