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Anonymous conspiracy thing

I don't really want to debate it,for me some things from this thing are quite "on target" but I want others's opinion.Thank you for your intention.



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Tell us YOUR perspective or

Tell us YOUR perspective or opinion please

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The opulent don't need a

The opulent don't need a multi-national, multi-generational, super-conspiracy to preserve their own interests; since their own interests are (almost by definition) openly served by the state.

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My opinion is that there are

My opinion is that there are some problems in educational system(at least in my country).Another problem would be that there is too much propaganda and on internet and T.V.,there is so much propaganda that children(like myself,an almost 18 years old teenager) can't really trust almost anything from those sources.


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what does the video mean

what does the video mean about "we're like a farm"? does that mean someones going to harvest us? its also not clear on what they are pointing at, maybe they are one of the diversion. maybe. we don't actually know. i guess we'll have to figure it out ourselves.

tell us your notion on this MCD, its your turn.

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Personally I think Teofil is

Personally I think Teofil is perfectly right to be suspicious ........ to be sceptical....

Consider the referenced video......

to seems poorly put together , badly edited and somewhat randomly cut ......

I doubt this is the work of Anonymous .......

further.... the enemy ,opposition ..... is merely referred to as "the elites".....

Why no names.....why no corporations .... why no countries called out.?

No.. its all a bit too "generic"...... and who has known Anonymous to be so reticent .... so imprecise vague.

"Caveat emptor "..


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