Antitheist, atheist or what

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Antitheist, atheist or what

I'm not sure how I categorize myself. I know labels are valueless, but it is human nature to try to sort everything by kind. I'm pretty sure I'm an Antitheist because I am disgusted by the pass religion gets in society. Free from taxes, everyone simply expects you to go along with public prayer, having to fight continually against encroachments on our schools and courts, even the president is required to say god bless America or he gets crucified in the press. So yeah, I am actively opposed to religion.
But I'm continually seeing that atheism is defined as simply lacking a belief in a deity. I feel I've gone beyond that. I actively believe there is no deity of any sort. Am I still an atheist?

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Do you think god is real? No?

Do you think god is real? No? Welcome to being an atheist!

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As Nyarlathotep said, if you

As Nyarlathotep said, if you reject the idea of a god or gods, then you are an atheist. You may reject them for lack of evidence or you may reject them because of powerful arguments. You may reject some versions of a god or gods for a lack of evidence, and others because of strong arguments. You may reject some gods on both counts as I do. Of course, you are still an atheist even if you offer no reasons at all.

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