To anyone living in ferguson

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To anyone living in ferguson

Get the fuck out of there. Dont pack dont wait to sell up fucking run.

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No. Why do you think people

No. Why do you think people living in Ferguson, Missouri should move to another county or state?

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I would prefer they keep the

I would prefer they keep the crazy there. No need to infect the rest of the nation with what's going on there.

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I'm with you on that! Leave

I'm with you on that! Leave them where they are and let the rest of us get on with our day. I have too much to do than to listen to the hatred coming out of Ferguson.

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Ive been forcing myself to

Ive been forcing myself to follow whats happening there and its my considered opinion its no longer safe to live there the police are drunk with power.
The government should send in the army to disarm the police.

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I finally got around to

I finally got around to looking into this last night. this is what I found:

*The man who was shot not kid he was 18 had robbed a store right before he his police encounter. However, it has been stated the police officer did not know this at the time he approached the person. The stated reason for approaching Mr. Brown was that he and his friend were walking down the road. This is in line with the statement from Mr. Browns friend.

*Here is where the incident starts to get fuzzy. According to Mr Browns friend the police officer pulled up and then went to open his door, apparently he and Mr. Brown were to close to the car for the officer to open the door fully according to the statement made by Mr. Browns friend the door hit both Mr. brown and himself and when the police officer could not get out of his car he grabed mr. brown through the window.

*The police officer said Mr. brown reached into the window. According to Mr. Brown's friend and another witness who moved into the area about one month ago the officer reached out of the car and pulled Mr. Brown into the window.

*According to Mr. Browns friend the officer threatened to shoot Mr. Brown twice who was struggling to break free. Mr. Brown apparently did a number on the cop in his attempt to break free.

*According to the police officer Mr. Brown went for his gun and the gun went off and Mr. Brown was hit by the bullet (this is where the police officer says Mr. brown was grazed) and Mr. brown broke free. The autopsy report does not line up with this because there was no gun powder residue found on Mr. brown's body in ether of the two autopsies.

*According to witnesses(Mr. Browns friend and the new resident) the the police officer started shooting at Mr. Brown after he left the vehicle from behind and Mr. brown was grazed. He made it to the middle of the road. Both witnesses say Mr. Brown turned around to surrender but then the cop continued shooting. Mr. Brown's friend said the officer never told Mr. brown to freeze before shooting at him.

*According to both autopsies, Mr. Brown was hit a total of 6 times 4 in the arm and two in the head the two shots that entered his head entered from above his head and were determined to be the cause of death. The autopsies determined he was either leaning down to give up or charging at the point he received the wounds determined to be the cause of death. All bullet entry wounds were determined to be front entry wounds.

*Mr. browns friend said he was shot down like an animal.

*The new resident said there was panic after the officer killed him and shock as it sunk in to the officer what he had done and the officer started to pace around. The new resident got video footage of the aftermath which supports this statement.

*According to the new resident, the police took her camera saying it was evidence and only released the robbery footage despite the fed having told them not to release it. I'm guessing the feds did not want this footage released because it was could be considered an unrelated crime and because it might make it harder to find a non biased jury after such a release). I'm guessing the police released it because they want to put an end to the image of the police killing an innocent boy.

Now in the after math the police have been using tear gas to dispel the riots protest and lootings that have been taking place since the news of the shooting took place. They have even gone as far as to arrest reporters who just doing their jobs. The police truly have gotten out of hand in this incident trying to put curfews on protest and gassing citizens with tear gas including children. Yesterday the national guard was called in.

Personally, I think the national guard should have been there already and all police should have been placed on paid leave until the incident was sorted out. if it was determined after due process the police officer were to be found guilty of shooting an unarmed man then he should then as part of his penalty which should be jail time also have to pay back all money received from paid leave.

In my opinion it Mr. Brown was perfectly warranted if the police officer truly did threaten to shoot him while holding him in the window to go for the officers gun, I would consider this self defense, I mean, honestly, what would you have done.

I don't know about you but if I were shot 3 or 4 times I would probably start to fall forward to give up or in shock and if I had my wits about me probably charge the officer in desperation to try and end the shooting.

Police should never be allowed to arrest reporters who are reporting on what they deem to be newsworthy.

It's my opinion that the police should never be allowed to investigate an incident police a police officer was involved in. I feel the moment this became an issue where an unarmed person was by a police officer shot it should have made it a federal matter and the national guard should have been called in.

I also personally I think curfews or hours of protest should never be allowed to be instated. Though it may seem inconvenient or unsafe to have to control crowds all day and night, who is to say what hours you can stand up for your rights or make public pleas for justice! This hours of protest BS is something I have been noticing lately over several cases and is something I feel should be stopped immediately.

Finally, I think an end should be put to police officers taking peoples phones and cameras as "evidence" when they film incidents related to crime. This should be considered property of the person filming the footage. A camera should be considered property of the person who owns it and a warrant should have to be issued for an officer to search your phone. However, police should be able to ask for or to receive footage in the form of email or other digital file to use as evidence. I am sick of police using this technique to bury evidence. Often times people will never see their phone again.

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I also think the use of tear

I also think the use of tear gas to dispel riots, crowds and protest should be banned.

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The cops are running around

The cops are running around pointing guns at everyone even the greenist dumbest soldier knows you never point a gun at a person unless your going to use it.
Its kinda like they are playing soldier, they have the gear cops in camo gear wtf, but very badly.
A number of unarmed reporters were arrested at gunpoint one was just going to his car to go home.
Youd think after one of them killed an unarmed man the rest would be careful.

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This is not the only, by far,

This is not the only, by far, county in the US in which inept police officers have too little training and are poorly monitored. It's also not the only county in which citizens loot stores. Running from a problem does not solve said problem.

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The police in ferguson are

The police in ferguson are militarised ordinary citizens dont stand a chance. The more they stand up for their rights the more brutally the police respond. The police are pissing all over the constitution and wiping their asses with the flag.
Forget terrorism its the police they are worried about and rightly so.

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The national guards in

The national guards in ferguson now ill be watching how they handle things.

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So much for that seems the

So much for that seems the national guard is only securing the police command centre freeing up more ferguson cops to brutalise the protesters and press.

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Wtf if you have a high iq you

Wtf if you have a high iq you cant be a cop that explains ALOT:

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Told you it was bad:

Told you it was bad:
"Updated w pics-- An Amnesty Int US First: Team to Ferguson, MO"

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Things really are getting out

Things really are getting out of hand now. I don't understand how it could have been allowed to go this far.

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Turns out mr brown may not

Turns out mr brown may not have robbed the cigar store typical they were in such a hurry to spread sleaze about mr brown that they didnt examine the video.
The video needs a closer examination:
Remember the cigar store had not reported a robbery.
Mr brown was pulled over for jay walking and got shot 6 times twice in the head!!!

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It is true he was not

It is true he was not approached by the police officer who shot him for anything related to the incident that occured at the store the police officer said in his own statement he approached Mr. Brown because he and his friend were walking in the middle of the road.

I did notice the clerk put his hands on Mr. brown before Mr. Brown shoved him. I don't know any details about what actually happened in the store. Though the clip I saw did make it look like an unarmed robbery, I admit perhaps I did not see enough of it and looks can be deceiving.

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Saw the video from another

Saw the video from another angle now looks like he tried to pay for, not steal the cigars. while buying the cigars he was handed something and then tried to reach over the counter presumably to put it back I'm guessing the clerk saw his arm extended over to the clerks side of the counter. At this point there was a skirmish with the clerk if you switch to the 1st footage released by the police you see it from the other side after skirmish over the counter that point it appears the clerk comes out and puts his hands on Mr. Brown at which point Mr. Brown pushed the clerk back and left.

Regardless this had nothing to do with the incident where he got shot but the police who decided release the one sided footage made it related to the BS the police are willing to produce to vilify the victim. Whoever in the police department was involved in the decision to release this video footage clearly released to make Mr. Brown look bad not only should loose their job or jobs in the police department but should be arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, defamation of caricature and never be allowed to work in a police department again.

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Im sorry i have to stop

Im sorry i have to stop paying attention to ferguson i havent felt this level of dispair since 9/11

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They also claimed mr brown

They also claimed mr brown was on drugs but didnt bother to say whoch drug he was on pot and that hardly makes you violent lol
The cops are running round playing soldier in camo gear and army weapons pointing their guns at everyone several unarmed reporters were arrested and reported on that. Only an untrained idiot points a gun unless they intend to shoot. The army nra and police teach that aiming weapons escalates violence.
They have an iq limit stopping above average people being cops no wonder they are so poorly trained.
Ive looked into past police crimes. One prisoner was fucked up by 4 cops and they charged him with 4 counts of destruction of property for bleeding on them.
1 of the 3 black officers (thats all the black officers on their force 3 in a predominantly black area) had a history of violent offences but they hired him anyway.
The list of bad shits endless so ive had to stop i feel to much despair.
Why the hell the national guard didnt relieve them i dont know. The whole force needs investigating.

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Lmale's picture
If you had paid attention you

If you had paid attention you would have known no robbery had been reported the video was part of a smear campaign by the police.
In the first night of protests the police CLAIMED they were shot at 32 times how many injuries did the police receive all night oh yea NONE.
the phones confiscated had recordings of the police doing bad shit hence the confiscation had fuck all to do with evidence thats a cover story for mobile phone theft which is what it really was.

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Ive been trying to finds any

Ive been trying to finds any report where his mum said that but unable to please provide a link.
The police admitted no robbery was reported he was approached ONLY for jay walking.
Please stop watching fox there are real news reporters on scene.

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I gave you 6 links all about

I gave you 6 links all about the low iq why else did i give you them.

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I've resisted chiming in on

I've resisted chiming in on this one but have lost that fight.

As some of you know, I worked in LE for a number of years. It was a career I wanted to stay in until retirement and am still sad I was not able to.

First, I'll comment on the whole police IQ thing. The story Lmale links to does not, in fact even intimate that police departments go looking for and hire people with low IQs. That's just silly.
Studies indicate the average IQ of a law enforcement officer is a bit higher than average. Higher. And not all LE agencies use traditional IQ tests in the testing process. I've commented in other posts that IQ tests are completely inadequate as a stand-alone indicator of intelligence.
Most often, if a new hire is, indeed, below average intelligence, they wash out of the Academy and never make it to the street. And trust me, police academies aren't like the one depicted in the movie of the same name.
Additionally, most LE agencies require applicants to have college degrees now.

Second, I'll comment on news reports. Each of us can only see the world through our own set of eyes (so to speak). That is true for you, for me, for reporters, for witnesses. 20 people can watch a activity and write 20 different reports of what happened during it. Selective attention also diminishes reliability of witnessings.

Third, ill comment about LE officer behavior in general. Are there shitty cops? Yes. There are. And they are a small minority. When I hear folks talking in ways that indicate they think all LE officers are assholes it brings up in me the same feeling I get when I hear that all atheists are murderers and rapists.
Factoid: although LE does not have as high a death-on-the-job number as other professions, it is the only legitimate profession I can think of that includes being murdered as one on the causes for those deaths.

Fourth, my take on what happened in Ferguson: nada, zippo zilch. I wasn't there, I don't know all the facts, I haven't spoken to everyone, etc. I will not be so arrogant as to armchair quarterback that situation. All I will say is that it is, all in all, a tragic and gut-wrenching thing.

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I hope what I said in my earlier post was not construed to imply that I felt all LEOs were assholes because if it did I can assure you I don't feel this way. I try not to state such wide sweeping generalizations about anyone group of people. If anything I said made you feel this way I sincerely would like to know why. And apologies if I have, I really did not mean to.


To address your paragraphs about seeing the world through our own set of eyes and armchair quarterbacking. I am guilty of this and will continue to be so, I feel its a good thing to put our thoughts out there and to have our thoughts challenged. I also feel its a good thing not to ignore situations like the many that have unfolded in Ferguson.

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Erm ive been reading reports

Erm ive been reading reports on the ferguson police chief Thomas jackson and hes FUCKING WHITE ROFLMFAO@U
So pretty much discredited everything youve said is discredited and i still havent found a report of mr browns mum saying he did a robbery. I did find a faked fractured orbital socket xray in yet another attempt to smear mr brown and a faked report that he was on pcp.
See even fox news knows the police chief is not FUCKING BLACK.

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Woohoo score one for civil

Woohoo score one for civil rights:
"(Ferguson Update) Breaking News: Justice Department to investigate Ferguson Police Department"

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When I saw your post, I

When I saw your post, I thought it was going to be about a link to the news source referring to the cameras Ferguson police officers must now wear when on duty.

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Really i missed that hot damn

Really i missed that hot damn thats good news woohoo

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I was going to just ignore

I was going to just ignore your racist republican shit but then you introduced hearsay about the so called broken bone in the face it was a ludicrously pitiful hoax the xray was not him they even removed the name from the top right hand corner of the xray.
If your friend bought that then hes probably a drooling racist republican just like you.


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