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Blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah.
I never said pointing guns increased violence i said THE ARMY trains solders that pointing guns escalates violence.
See there is a difference.
You bought every bullshit story the republicans posted you claimed once that christian republicans were 'making the rest of us look bad' ergo republican.
You demonised mr brown because he was black ergo racist.
I did not comment on the witness claims because the witnesses did not agree so i went where the forensics went rather that spread rumours and heresay. I notice you ignored the witness claim that the reason mr brown allegedly grabbed grabbed the racist son of a bitch was that he had audibly said im going to kill you to mr brown.
By the way the only facts that have been agreed on and backed with evidence is the racist pig shot at mr brown 6 timed as he was running away then pause when mr brown attempted to surrender THEN FIRED 6 MORE TIMES TWICE IN THE FUCKING HEAD. Thats fucking murder.
On another note the racist pig had a record of violent racism.
You really should stop listening to the right wing racists. They ran an instant smear campaign including illegally releasing the tape of an (alleged but still unproved hmmmm) robbery despite a reminder from the department of justice not to release it.
Oh and the so called thuggish juvie records have been proven wrong.
Facts are the white cop with a history of racial violence shot 12 times at an UNARMED AND NON THREATENING black man.
It sickens me that people have raised 500,000 for this racist murdering piece of human garbage.
Heres some information if you want to know the true facts. Including two new white witnesses and surprise surprise their statements being believed despite the fact that the black statements matching the whites were NOT believed.

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What the fuck does it matter

What the fuck does it matter if a man RUNNING AWAY and then SURRENDERING is fucking big.
UNARMED is FUCKING UNARMED. Shooting an unarmed man 6 times pausing and shooting again when the murderer was not in any fucking danger is fucking murder
Im not being hypocritical project much?
Ive clearly stated from the beginning my opinion of the matter was based on unbiased news sources (unlike you) so as more and more of the smear campaign was proved to be a hoax i got rightly angry.
Bet you didnt click the link and yet called me a hypocrite.
Im arguing against racism so you call me a bigot what the fuck you cannot be serious.
Id rather be 'mentally lazy' than a mentally challenged racist that fell for every single hoax.

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If you bothered to click my

If you bothered to click my link youd have seen why i posted what i said along with the link.
Hmmmm a do you think cop with a history of racist violence who murdered an unarmed black man JUST POSSIBLY MIGHT BE RACIST.

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Bot that you will bother to read it because it conflicts with your beliefs.

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Ive tried to be nice but fuck

Ive tried to be nice but fuck it. Remember the iq story for st louis county police how you claimed it had nothing to do with Ferguson. GUESS WHERE FERGUSON IS duhhhhhhhh st louis county feeling stupid yet? Dont forget you thought the chief was black. You dont know shot about ferguson just believed everything the republicans published despite me proving most were wrong. Thats why your a racist you believed the white guys over the black guys despite evidence being against the white guys claims. Either racist or thick as fuck you can decide.
You seriously call me racist for not liking republicans, the republican party is a politican group not a fucking race.
I have pointed out my judgment on the republicans is based on the batshit crazy things they do and say.
Just the facts.
Ps wtf a kid took a pic to show off never heard of anyone doing that roflmao.
The facts are he was not attacking the cop he was RUNNING AWAY you cannot claim the cop had justification for shooting an unarmed man 12 fucking times that was not trying to hurt the cop.

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Concerning your second

Concerning your second sentence: a municipal police department (e.g. Ferguson, MO) is a completely different agency than a county Sheriff's department (e.g. St. Louis county).

In the U.S., typically a sheriff's department has jurisdiction in unincorporated areas of a county and a municipal police department has jurisdiction inside its city limits.

It makes zero difference that Ferguson is in St. Louis county.

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Ahem ferguson police went to

Ahem ferguson police went to st louis academy which has the iq limit.
As they say slamdunk.

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Police academies typically

Police academies typically serve multiple agencies in their area. The individual department hires people based on their own criteria and then send them to the academy for the first portion of their training.

That particular academy does offer open enrollment, however. Graduation from that program does not guarantee employment with any LE agency though. When reviewing their entrance criteria for the open enrollment program, I saw nothing that would indicate a maximum IQ restriction. Will you site your source for that please?

Additionally, most LE agencies consider any certified academy as acceptable. Lateral transfers happen all the time. I went to the academy in my state. If I had transferred to a department elsewhere I would not have to attend the academy there.

Do you have the data that shows all the ferguson officers went to that particular academy?

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Oi stupid i commented on the

Oi stupid i commented on the gun already its the fucking military that claims aiming guns escalates violence maybe you should learn to read.
How dare you call me a liar ive not lied since i was 16.
I have not manipulated any data ive linked from other sites therefore i have not manipulated it guess should have expected your to dumb to know the difference.
Now you can go back to your racist fantasy where cops are given money for murdering unarmed black men.

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This proves all ferguson

This proves all ferguson police attended police academy.
Read this again you missed the bit where it said national average for police is 104. Ive also seen reports claiming 90.
This link shows insurance sales men have to score a minimum 22 whereas police have to score 21 so insurance salesmen have to be smarter than cops great plan.
Is it any wonder so much crime goes unsolved all you have to do is be smarter than a cop and that isnt hard since the 2000 ruling allows police to refuse to hire based on iq.
The hiring policy is not just st louis its national they dont want smart cops period.

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Formula to be a usa cop

Formula to be a usa cop
Average or below average iq + steroid abuse + poor training + no accountability + code of silence + shitload of military gear and sprinkle with racism = cops that kill people.
I want the government to publish how many unjustified kills the police do a year did you know they dont keep a fucking list. Most of the time the cop doesn't even face any jail time at most they get fired.
If civilians acted like the cops do they would be in jail.
Before you claim prejudice i wasnt even aware of all the shit the cops did until ferguson made me look.

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"Formula to be a usa cop

"Formula to be a usa cop
Average or below average iq + steroid abuse + poor training + no accountability + code of silence + shitload of military gear and sprinkle with racism = cops that kill people."

Do you actually think all LE officers in the U.S. fit this formula of yours?

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I commented on that you can

I commented on that you can read cant you?
I said so fucking what a kid showed off. Means nothing. Thanks to rappers a shitload of kids do the same thing.
HE WASNT CARRYING A GUN so a photo of him with a gun means erm jack shit.
Again the cop had no fucking idea of the alleged robbery he even admitted that and hes white so you should believed that bit.

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Bullshit just pours out of

Bullshit just pours out of you dosent it.
If im running AWAY from you with empty fucking hands how am i a danger to you.
No i dont claim all cops but i happen to have read theres a steroid abuse problem in the police force.
Known criminal bullshit he pulled him for jay walking NOTHING ELSE his own fucking statement said he had no knowledge of the alleged robbery.
By releasing that tape which had nothing to do with the murder and was against the JOD the cops smeared brown so racists like you would go oh hes a criminal no big deal.

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Fyi ive got a photo of me

Fyi ive got a photo of me holding a ninja sword it dont mean shit.

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This has a partial estimate that cops killed 400 people a year
'WASHINGTON — Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the FBI.'

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Get a sense of decency. Bitch

Get a sense of decency. Bitch


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