Applebees not liable when man burned praying over sizzling fajitas

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Applebees not liable when man burned praying over sizzling fajitas

He claims the waitress should have warned him that the sizzling plate was hot...

Praying to the wrong god maybe?

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Ah, the power of prayer!

Ah, the power of prayer!

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He was mad because he didn't

He was mad because he didn't see Jesus' face in his torilla.

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His taste of Hell on Earth...

His taste of Hell on close as he is going to get to a real hell LOL!

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The " loud sizzling noise"

The " loud sizzling noise" was probably coming from his brain as he was praying!

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That a very funny news!

That a very funny news!

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Really? Didn't know it was

Really? Didn't know it was hot!?!? The entree is called "Sizzling Fajitas" for Christ's sake. Pretty soon idiocy is going to force warnings into product names. "Warning! Hot! Sizzling Fajitas" or "May Contain Peanuts: Peanut Butter"... Well... I guess we found a submition for this year's Darwinism Award.

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Why would Applebee's be

Why would Applebee's be liable? Since everything happens according to his deity's plan... Oh, eff it. I don't have time to try to search for logic in this, especially since it's unlikely to exist.

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And the follow up:

And the follow up:

"Jimenez appealed, but a two-judge panel came to the same conclusion."

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Then they say prayer does no

Then they say prayer does no harm. lol

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I just can't get over how

I just can't get over how someone who ordered something called "sizzling fajitas", that is in the "sizzling entrees" part of the menu, thought it wouldn't be sizzling. We need to sue to force this idiot to have a vasectomy, because we don't need people like this procreating. All the idiot had to do is cover the damn dish with a napkin before praying, like any sensible person would, and he would have been safe. Is this what the world is coming to, a populace that needs warnings and caution labels on every corner, hot plate, and knife to tell them that they are dangerous? If so, I fear natural selection has been hindered to much, and we are now destroying ourselves as a species...

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Hey, it wasn't that long ago

Hey, it wasn't that long ago that an elderly woman sued McDonalds because of burns she received after the styro-foam cup of coffee she was holding between her legs while driving broke. All commercial coffee maker machines are set to heat the water to 196 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temp that coffee beans brew best at. Her attorney spun the case in her favor because there were no warning notices or placards anywhere on McDonalds' styro-foam coffee cups, or elsewhere, about a possible burn hazard.

Never underestimate the power of ignorance. Personal injury attorneys are constantly shopping for it because they make for the best victims to exploit. If they are short on them they create them from thin air. Stupid people like the woman mentioned above are great opportunities for attorneys, and an example of the truer godsend.

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I know, I remember that, I

I know, I remember that, I though the same thing then. I remember thinking "Whenever it becomes necessary to explain that freshly brewed coffee is hot, we have failed as a species.", time has only proved my point, idiocracy here we come!

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LoL, I couldn't agree more

LoL, I couldn't agree more Travis. "We need to sue to force this idiot to have a vasectomy, because we don't need people like this procreating."

The movie "Idiocracy" makes fun of the subject of how we are now breeding towards idiocy and away from intelligence. With my screwed up sense of humor, I find it funny when they make fun of stupidity.

The intro is worth the watch anyhow:

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I see shaming, blaming, and

I see shaming, blaming, and persecution on this forum. Everything I dislike about the church.

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To be fair, I was not being

To be fair, I was not being vitriolic because the person in question was religious, but because the person is ANOTHER example of someone doing something stupid and suing over it. It seems like people want a label, caution, or verbal warning concerning everything; even things that should present and obvious and self-evident threat. Seems to me it is just one more example of someone failing to take personal responsibility for their own bad choices, and instead attempting to blame others and profit from it. This is a BAD example, we need to start holding people accountable for their own idiocy, or what are we REALLY teaching children? This person ordered something described as a skillet full of sizzling meat, got exactly what they ordered, and accidentally injured themselves with it due to poor choice; how is that the cook or waitresses fault? Should we start blaming gun and knife manufacturers for people who hurt themselves with their products, due to poor choices, next?

Am I shaming, blaming, and persecuting these people for injuring themselves? Not really. Nor am I treating them this way because of their religious beliefs, as I don't even know what they are, really. I am treating them this way because they seek to profit from their own bad decisions, at the expense of other consumers, and allowing them to do so is actually a bad thing for society and even the economy.

Perhaps it was my comment about sterilization that upset you, I don't know, but I won't apologize for writing it. The person in question stuck his face close to a sizzling skillet full of meat, which is like trying to grab a red hot coal without any protection, and then blamed everyone but himself for the resulting consequences. You are welcome to defend him if you want, but I won't, he is a good example of everything wrong with our overly litigious society that treats personal responsibility as if it was an outdated and antiquated tradition with no purpose.

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When you say "treating them

When you say "treating them this way", I think you mean to say when you treat a person with contempt. Contempt for people is what I've seen in the church. It is the shaming, blaming, and persecuting.

Whatever a persons religious beliefs - or your rational - I value people. Contempt serves no productive use.

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I am sorry that you find

I am sorry that you find absolutely no one worthy of your contempt, that you find no person so irresponsible and asinine that it repulses you that they happen to be the same species, but not everyone feels the same way you do. I am sure we should simply mollycoddle all these irresponsible half-wits and encourage them, instead of attempting to rectify their behavior with proper social pressure, and that will simply make everything all better!

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You have a point, and it can be good to get a reminder of one's own behavior sometimes.

The obvious response is of course to lash back and get defensive. I shall try to do so as kindly as possible.

This particular individuals behavior was/is ridiculous, to say the least. As pathetic as it is, he is probably just trying to get a fat paycheck and doesn't care about his dignity. One big problem we have today is that people don't speak up enough against stupid behavior (i.e. superstition/religion). It has been taboo to say anything and this kind of stupidity needs to get ridiculed (in general).

The statement Travis makes about vasectomy, can seem cruel. But it has a really ugly element of truth behind it.
Just a few days ago, the user Ilovequestions, praised how Christinaity is increasing faster than non-believers because of the rate of procreation. This is frightening stupidity, as Islam is procreating even faster. On top of that is the fact that humankind is procreating at an insane rate and that we have passed the point where the resources on Earth is no longer enough to sustain us.

Have a read:

Just looking at the graph of human population, will make anyone fear for their children and the future of the entire human race. And the absolute horror is that a majority of people still walk around thinking they live in fantasy land, where their imaginary protector will take them to heaven, and throw most of the rest of us into a burning lake of fire.

This kind of thing NEEDS ridicule, this kind of thing NEEDS to be said.

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I appreciate how your are

I appreciate how you are open to feedback, first off.

When it comes to faith and overpopulation... I think I see what you're saying; religious who oppose birth control are contributing to overpopulation, which is risking the earths habitability.

Also, the threat is dire, and needs facing Immediatly.

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Well, not only that.

Well, not only that.

Also the belief that "god will sort everything out, and it will all be Okay."

Some don't think that we can destroy the environment or use up all resources, because their god is in control over it. Some think it doesn't matter if we destroy the environment or use up all resources, because "the end of days is near". Even though "the end of days" has been near for almost 2000 years already, at least for Christianity.

Awareness and scientific progress is the only thing that can save us. And that is what the worst of the religious want to deny, simply because they can't cope with reality. Opposing birth control and abortion with the goal to try to get their religion to grow, is a extremely callous or ignorant. The word Evil, springs to mind.

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