Are demons real?

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Are demons real?

Demons are always been a subject of horror. The bible stated that demons has all the capabilities to influence bad things to people who have no faith in god. Religions view them as an evil and something that humans must avoid. By having faith and worshiping god, demons will not go near you nor influence you.
Theists and atheists here, what do you think about demons? Why up to this date there are still people who suddenly become out of themselves, speaking in different voice, elevating and so on. According to priests and witnesses, demons accommodated their bodies, and by saying Jesus' name, they will be gone.
What do you think about it?

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that is just something

that is just something religious people made up to convert people to their religion or to keep them scared. I stopped believing in God and also stopped believing in the devil or demons; since that moment i started to sleep better.

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Demons are very real. They

Demons are very real. They are rapists, child abusers, women beaters, worthless drug addicts etc.

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I concur! Very good point.

I concur! Very good point. There are far too many demons in the physical world, unfortunately.

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Yeah, that is what a demon

Yeah, that is what a demon actually is. All those people that have no humanity in them.

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Demons are not spirits indeed

Demons are not spirits indeed. They are the people who made themselves as demons.

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