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Yes he has, ironically the

Yes he has, ironically the book is sitting right next to me. It's called "Waking up - Living spiritually without religion" I find it as a great read, he really does cut out a lot of bullshit and helps open up meditation to any group.

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It's actually funny how far

It's actually funny how far he goes to really make it clear that he is using the word "spiritual" without any supernatural hokus pokus.

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I've seen prayer have a

I've seen prayer have a lesser effect than meditation. It's been shown that people who practice "meditative reflection" whether you are religious or not.(I myself am a Buddhist Atheist). It can be seen in studies that meditation makes me people generally happier, even to the extent of just meditating and focusing on your breathe for 5 minutes a day. Which I find appalling and what pulled me into Buddhist philosophy. But, for those who aren't into any "religious" philosophy etc. Meditation is still a very purposeful and fulfilling practice even for the non religious. I'd recommend it to everybody to at least look into it, religious or not.

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Johnathan - "It can be seen

Johnathan - "It can be seen in studies that meditation"

heh, how did they double blind that?!?


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