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I'm your captain/Closer to my

I'm your captain/Closer to my home by Grand Funk Railroad

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LOL.... Good one, In Spirit!

LOL.... Good one, In Spirit! Very appropriate.

Here's another classic that would be perfect for those daring sprints across miles of open desert and steep, rocky mountainous terrain.

"Flight of the Bumblebee" (Rimsky-Korsakov)

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If soldiers and police are

If soldiers and police are massacring civilians, they're not fighting for your freedoms, or to protect you. (Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, Ludlow and a hundred others, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc, etc, etc)
They have no legal requirement to protect citizens, and they let themselves off with paid 2week vacations for shooting citizens for little-no reason.
And stupid boot-licking people cheer them on.

Full disclosure is what we should all be for.

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@John Re: "And stupid boot

@John Re: "And stupid boot-licking people cheer them on."

Howdy. Welcome to my thread. I've seen you around in other threads and have enjoyed reading your posts. I started this post, however, just for fun. I totally understand you are free to express your opinions/views on this site, especially since this thread is in the debate room. Even so, I would respectfully request you start another thread if there is an issue you wish to discuss, and leave this thread for its intended purpose.

And for what it's worth, I retired after spending twenty years on patrol in a large, crime-infested city. I also served seventeen years in the Army National Guard with three deployments into combat zones, along with countless domestic disaster relief missions. I have been involved in many shooting situations where split-second decisions under extreme stress meant the difference between life and death for myself and others. And I lost many friends along the way in both fields of service. And while I do understand the concerns of some people based on what they are told by mainstream media, I will also tell a person, "If you have never worn a badge or a uniform, then you have no concept of what it means to carry that responsibility. And while you do have a right as a citizen to question and complain about perceived wrongs committed by individuals in those fields, you have no right to generalize ALL police or military personnel as a whole as being a bunch of blood-thirsty marauders."

As for the premise of this particular thread, we are talking about a large group of self-entitled yo-yo brains who are plotting and inciting others to gather in an attempt to overrun an established United States military facility. A facility that is responsible for developing top secret weapons and other technology used to defend our country and its interests. And to make any attempt at breaching such a facility is - to put it very mildly - a serious crime. (The term "treason" comes to mind.) Moreover.... It is incredibly STOO-PID. And the absurdity of even contemplating such actions is beyond laughable and very much deserving of ridicule (in my opinion). Hence, this thread.

This has nothing to do with the police, nor with the military in other respects. I started this thread for the sole purpose of making fun of a bunch of idiots with delusions of grand manure. Please feel free to submit a song for the soundtrack should one come to mind.

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Speaking of adding songs...

Speaking of adding songs...

Road Runner Theme Song

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They're Coming to Take me

They're Coming to Take me Away

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@David K.

@David K.

Good one!... LMAO... *thumbs up*...

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@DAVID K: re; They're

@DAVID K: re; They're coming to take me away! I remember that from my childhood. Great choice. I don't see people rushing over the hills to this tune as it sounds more like the march of the zombies but it should certainly be at the top of consideration. I GOT ONE THAT JUST CAME TO ME....


We just have to think of a catchy word replacement for tomatoes .

"Attack on Area 51. Attack on Area 51
We'll beat you, smash you , squish you, mash you, and do you up for brunch
or finish you off, by dinner or lunch.

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@Cog Re: "We just have to

@Cog Re: "We just have to think of a catchy word replacement for tomatoes."

How about this?...

"Attack... of the blithering fucktards!
Attack... of the blithering fucktards!
We'll duck and dodge!
We'll run and hide!
Your super-tech weapons
Won't keep us outside!"

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Attack ---- on the blithering

Attack ---- on the blithering fucktards. (Please!) We don't want to call ourselves fucktards regardless of how true it may be.

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@Cog Re: "Attack ---- on the

@Cog Re: "Attack ---- on the blithering fucktards. (Please!)"

...*clearing throat*... Ahem... Uh... "oF the blithering fucktards." Not "oN the blithering fucktards." Consonants... They're not just pretty letters. Remember, a mime is a terrible thing to taste.


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