Arguements for a god(s)

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Arguements for a god(s)

Having been here for a short while now, I have noticed that the preponderance of theistic debates revolve around logical arguments.

Of course this is fine, but I would like to ask, has anyone put forward a reasonable argument, justification or evidence that doesn't rely on the almost industry standard logical positions?

I've yet to witness this myself on here or the other sites I frequent, but thought I would ask anyway.

So this thread is to all, Atheiest feel free to offer the best or most reasonable arguments, positions or evidence you've seen.
Likewise, theists or believers (or simply however you identify)what is the best you have to offer that is not a logical argument.

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The notion that I am God is

The notion that I am God is appealing and difficult to deny.

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And I'd rather believe that

And I'd rather believe that notion than any others.


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My cat knows her ancestors

My cat knows her ancestors were revered as gawds. She has embraced it completely, as have we, and carry on the tradition.

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I certainly understand this

I certainly understand this lol

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@ Cyber

@ Cyber

Mr Mau, my companion IS a god. He knows it and expects instant subservience from his creatures. Also chin tickles and cat treats.

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as it should be...

as it should be...

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Some atheists say that they don't know whether such creatures as Gods exist. They say that they don't believe in Gods.

My position is that there are no celestial Gods of any kind in this solar system and even if there was, I would not worship them.

All of the thousands of traditional Gods are imaginary. Not one of them has ever done anything godly since the frst con man created him to give him power and status over his superstitious buddies as his agent. By doing so it made him rich because he convinced the superstitious twits that they had to fork over all kinds of stuff, from the best food to gold, as a sacrifice to the imaginary deity or else they would be punished for their sins. The con man Moses was a master of that scam. And when people wanted to go their own way he killed them.

The truth is that if a person does believe in a God he couldn't produce it for all of the gold and diamonds in the whole universe.

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So Diotrephes, why pick on

So Diotrephes, why pick on Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses)? He's a fantastic character of fiction, he never existed, and I don't recall him ever killing anyone, except for that one Egyptian, and that was justifiable.

I'm still waiting for your "strong" arguments against Talmud, though, as I'd love nothing less than to embarrass you here on this site for all to see. So bring it on!

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I answered you on your flamebait trolling thread. I gave you 10 items to whine about.

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Good! And by the way, who's

Good! And by the way, who's the real troll on here?

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"who's the real troll on here?"

Based on my observation the real troll is you.

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And you are wrong Diotrephes.

And you are wrong Diotrephes. THINK CRITICALLY about it.

And you are not a normal troll either. You are that rare breed of curmudgeon trolls.

I think you should be able to figure out who is more liked.



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OP " I have noticed that

OP " I have noticed that the preponderance of theistic debates revolve around logical arguments."
What in the hell have you been reading. Jazz Theist, Great Hope, Rat Spit, Alise, et al have offered NO LOGICAL ARGUMENTS what so ever.; They are all operating from presupposition assumptions without facts or evidence. "You just don't want to experience god. You are in denial." "It's because of the Overload" "There is a prime mover responsible for everything." "Spiritual, supernatural. spiritual and more supernatural." NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER. NO ARGUMENTS AT ALL. ASSERTION AFTER ASSERTION AFTER ASSERTION. How the good people on this site put up with their shit is completely beyond me. I have no idea at all what you think you are reading.

OP: "Atheist feel free to offer the best or most reasonable arguments, positions or evidence you've seen."
There are no best arguments. If there were we would all be theists.

The presuppositional position is in fact the only legitimate position a theist can take. "I believe because I assume god is real. The spiritual world is real. Jesus Christ is the son of god who died for our sins. Nothing can shake this belief." This is an extremely ignorant position but it is the position most of the current theists on the site have taken. They are not interested in exploration or debate. Their primary assertion is "I believe what I believe and do not need any evidence at all for my belief. You should believe too."

This is actually fine. They are correct. They can believe whatever they want to believe and they need not provide facts, evidence or proofs for their beliefs. It's their life. At the same time, coming onto an atheist site under the guise of having a discussion, to simply make blind assertions is nothing more than
TROLLING. Not one of them is capable of an honest inquiry into their beliefs. They are incapable of facing an honest inquiry. Instead, they rely on blind ignorant assertion. Again, without facts, evidence, or examples that are capable of facing critical examination.

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Why hasn’t he done anything

Why hasn’t he done anything yet? Are we just some pawns in a large pantheon war? Or is he just a figment of man’s imagination? Why are we a consequence of an apple bite? Is it a form of inherited punishment? If so do we see god’s morality as ideal? It is then safe to say that man created god and we will (if not already) kill him.

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Nope, never seen sod all from

Nope, never seen sod all from any of these idiots.

Even the celebrated oxygen thieves fair no better, William Lane Craig... a man who sounds like he's swallowed the jizz of an android.
Ken Ham... a guy who denies evolution but looks like a campaign poster for the missing link.

All of whom offer nothing other than wasting time and depleting the intelligence of an audience.

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