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@ Cognostic, but mostly at

@ Cognostic, but mostly at the Offensive One Doing the X-Files Thing (Ramo Mpq)

I completely agree. The burden of proof belongs to the Religious Absolutists. Since I say, "I do not belief you," I have nothing else to prove. It is like me trying to describe the Invisible Pink Unicorn. It cannot be done. For one, it is said to be pink, but how can anyone know that? The damned thing is invisible. Cannot describe what one cannot see. And to further this along, particularly with any Religious Absolutist's deity, one cannot describe what does not exist.

I think you said it in this thread or somewhere else Cognostic, absence of evidence is evidence of absence. However I prefer my way of putting it: NO EVIDENCE = NO EXISTENCE.

Offensive One Doing the X-Files Thing, until you can provide objective hard empirical evidence, your precious Allah is nothing more than an imagiment of fignation in that tiny little shizophrenic self-deluded mind of yours.


I know why you won't answer this question. You already know the answer and do not want to admit that at least in one topic, your religion is nothing but a lie when you say it is a religion of peace. Since the Qu'ran was actually written using the Hebrew Torah as a basis, ALL three Abrahamic/Ibrahimic Religions are nothing but pure nasty bullshit. All three say the same exact thing:

Arakish's Summation: "You are to live in peace, love, and brotherhood, but only with those of like minds (same beliefs). All others are to be put to the sword (killed, murdered, ethnic genocidal cleansing)."

It is because of Sheldon's Question and Arakish's Summation that you choose to ignore our postings. You ignore them because you CANNOT refute them. And you are too much of a COWARD to admit it. And I am calling you out. YOU ARE A YELLOW-BELLIED, NO-SPINED COWARD. Just like ALL muslims. You afraid to face your opposition and instead hide amongst us until you blow your self up or drive a vehicle into a crowd or other cowardly act. ALL MUSLIMS ARE COWARDS.

I'll tell you what. I am going to truly call you out. Meet me on the northwest corner of Central Avenue and San Mateo Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday 17 October 2018, and I will tell you to your face that, "You are a fucking coward." You game? I'll be there. Holding a sign with "arakish" written on it. Actually, there is a bus stop terminal near that corner. I'll be sitting there with the sign.

Google Maps

And please realize since I shall be there for twelve hours (0600hrs to 1800hrs), I may have to answer the "call of nature" (in the Walgreens also there). Thus, if you don't see me there, then wait at least 30 minutes because the "call of nature" may be a Number Two, and since I have intestinal problems, it may take me a while.

Thus, I am calling you out, boy.


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I agree with you that ist is their job to define their god. I think all of this is, if you allow me a traduction from afrench expression, "drowning the fish".
But since he's a muslim, we know beforehand that he is talking about allah.

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LOL - Which Allah? There

LOL - Which Allah? There are 8 main sects and they are all using different interpretations of the Quaran and killing each other for those interpretations. The government once rounded up all the Quarans and had an official version that they said was the one true version. Nevertheless the others have still survived.

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There are 8 main sects? If

There are 8 main sects? If we agree that their particular gods have 99 names each other, and that, these represent an aspect of them, the count is at 792. If we delete all the mutually exclusive ones, i think the number is fairly reduced lol, but i won't do their homework for them.
Anyway, i was thinking he was ignoring me specifically...

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By "god", don't Muslims mean

By "god", don't Muslims mean something that has no effect on the material world?

Perhaps it would be helpful if we ask @Searching for truth to define "not god"?

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Good luck with getting one of

Good luck with getting one of these dipshits to adequately define their god(s)....

.... it's like a blind man trying to pick out his favourite porno!

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@Random Re: ".... it's like

@Random Re: ".... it's like a blind man trying to pick out his favourite porno!"

That would be the one with the most "Ooooo's" and "Ahhhhhh's" and "Oh, god's".

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Indeed, the religious leaders

Indeed, the religious leaders raping small children is just to test your faith, it isn't a scourge on our society.

Nice one.

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I can give it to you in less

I can give it to you in less than five seconds.

Lack of belief in gods.

You're done. That's all there is.


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