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OMG!!! I just noticed I’m not

OMG!!! I just noticed I’m not sideways anymore!!! Thanks

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Lion IRC "If atheism

Lion IRC "If atheism correlated - causally or otherwise- with lifestyle wellness/happiness/wisdom indices (emotional IQ) then we should expect to see domestic/gender violence, substance abuse, self-harm and suicide, mental illness etc. in decline as atheism increases."

What a ridiculously facile and stupid claim, but then again you have claimed that face to face means not face to face, so I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.

Even if this risible correlation were not facile nonsense, it hardly validates the superstition of religion anyway. However there are enormous bodies of research showing secular democracies like Norway and Sweden are home to some of the happiest and most contented people in the world, using internationally recognised criteria to measure well being and happiness. I'm guessing that won't affect your ludicrous bias though.

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" I'm guessing that won't affect your ludicrous bias though."

Indeed. Most of us here seem to have been believers of one kind or another.

One thing I CAN say about my atheism is how little difference it has made in my daily life. Still the same person, with the same positive and negative qualities.

In real life, the Christian thief, rapist and wife beater who becomes an atheist becomes an atheist thief, rapist or wife beater etc, etc, etc.

Does that mean he was never a "real christian" ? OF COURSE NOT! Being a member of any religion is about belief, not behaviour.

Whether an atheist , Christian, Muslim ,Jew, Hindu Buddhist or member of any of the other 30,000 odd religions, we are all still human beings and heirs to all that entails.


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