Atheism and Politics.

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Atheism and Politics.

I am a 18 year old from a low population town in Indiana. You can say I was dealt a bad hand. But in all seriousness. I always wanted to run for some sort of political role when I grew older, but I think my atheism will stop myself from being successful. I see an extremely common trend of Christians in the political field. I know it is to appeal to the masses and I'm 99% sure that some are actually not Christian's. But, I would like to not have to affiliate with a fucked up religious cult to get voted in to office. I know myself, may have an influence on politics alot and see alot of potential in things I can accomplish(Not trying to sound egocentric, I just think I can do a better job then some people in office atm[This is in reference to my public offices]). I am having trouble finding agnostic or atheist political figures and I just see it as a failure.

I'm on the edge of choosing computer science or political science as a major in college for next year, but don't want something that will most likely be unsuccessful as an atheist.

TL;DR - Would an atheist running for office be detrimental because of not being able to appeal to the unread masses(I mean, look at republicans, ha.) and should I pursue my alternative as a career. Or, will an atheist be in office in 30 years? Please share your opinions, Thankyou, have a nice day.

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Like anyone else seeking

Like anyone else seeking public office, the key is organization and financing. Given the horrendous cost of politicking in the US, I think the biggest bang for political bucks is in the Schoolboard elections. This is the frontline in the campaign to poison kids minds with silly notions of Creation Science and other such drivel. I am considering running as an atheist in our next municipal elections here in Canada. I don't expect to win the first time by I will make some noise. If your comitted to changing the systematic discrimination against non believers, I recommend you consider doing the same.

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How do you know, that being

How do you know, that being athiest wouldn't be a problem as a computer specialist?

I think it is less a question of what might hold you back, and more a question of how you want to live your life; trying to do what you always wanted to do, or living the alternative.

"I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which, was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

- Jim Carrey

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