Atheism a religion?

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I figured you would bow out

I figured you would bow out also, because I believe you know you can't defeat what others have tried for many years, and have failed.

The Puritan party can be proven wrong just as easily as you have been.

Though I did think you would be slightly more difficult than you have become. See ya.

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Funny how "bowing out" means

Funny how "bowing out" means "not bothering because I use a book to prove itself."

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The Bible is really all that

The Bible is really all that is needed to defend it. God gave us what we need in the Bible.

If someone is going to try to dispute it they should really know it and not try to claim it says what they want it to, for their benefits. Especially when they are trying to make it appear to be a lie to someone who not only has studied it, but also has the Holy Spirit within.

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Everybody is atheist to some

Everybody is atheist to some degree. For example, Christians are atheist about Allah or Vishnu. Some atheists go 1 god further. As an atheist I doubt the existence of 1 god more than a Christian does.


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