Atheism,Political views,Palestine

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Atheism,Political views,Palestine

Hey,I'm a Pakistani Atheist and want to know that how atheism changes your political views.I am still pro Palestinian even after becoming an Atheist.How many people are still pro Palestinians after becoming Atheist ?

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Please let us know what you

Please let us know what you mean by 'pro Palestinian', it can mean many things to many people.

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Well---being an atheist---I'm

Well---being an atheist---I'm opposed to an regime that uses religion to determine who can own property.

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I am neither pro-Palestine or

I am neither pro-Palestine or pro-Israel, mostly because I don't really know enough about it to form an opinion. All I really know about it is that two groups of people are basically killing each other over a piece of dirt and religion, and clear across the planet from me at that. I do think it is sad, but I have never bothered to really look into it, and have little to no idea about the circumstances around it.

This rather puts me in a poor position to judge the situation.

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