Atheist agenda?

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Atheist agenda?

Writing an article for the website and thought I'd get some feedback on the subject. Do you believe in an atheist agenda? Conservapedia defines this agenda as a political attempt to indoctrinate children with evolution and materialism while ridding the educational scene of creationism. Do you go by an agenda because of your atheism?

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teach kids to think for

teach kids to think for themselves. that's my agenda

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MSQuigg - "Conservapedia

MSQuigg - "Conservapedia defines..."

Thought you were serious until I read that.

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All depends on how many

All depends on how many conspiracy theories you personally believe in. ;)

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The agenda?

The agenda?
Well, to prove we are right and convince everyone else that we are right and that everyone should be like us.
Wait, that's religion.


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An attempt to indoctrinate

An attempt to indoctrinate children with evolution and materialism while ridding the educational scene of creationism?!? Children should understand the science behind the evolution of species by means of natural selection, and also understand that creationism is entirely unscientific. That's not indoctrination, it's education.

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Oh, my god! (to coin a phrase

Oh, my god! (to coin a phrase)

I am amazed that someone actually thinks that atheism is that organized! An agenda? You really think there is one?

I hear that having a good laugh is good for one's health. Thank you very much for contributing to my continued good health today.

There is one and only one reason why I am an atheist: Sputnik. Sputnik kickstarted the emphasis on scientific education for my generation of Americans. When I learned about science, I learned about logical argument and testable hypotheses, and all sorts of modes of thought related to reason. I applied them everywhere. Religion and eventually theism were found wanting. There is no agenda. There is only reason and the scientific method.

If you want to establish creationism as a valid viewpoint, and to eliminate evolution, all that needs to be done is to eliminate science. There *is* an agenda to do that. Guess who is behind it? Hint: Some of them wrote your source.

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Personally, my "agenda" is to

Personally, my "agenda" is to be an advocate for rational, evidence based thought and behavior. However, other atheists may not share that (or any other) agenda. If atheists have any shared agenda, I would think it would be to keep religion out of public/governmental life.

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