Atheist blogger sued by FAITH HEALER - Richard Dawkins named

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Atheist blogger sued by FAITH HEALER - Richard Dawkins named

For more information including the court papers which refer to the Richard Dawkins Foundation as the anti-religion group.

If, after checking the details you want to help the defence you can do so at

and by telling others.

This should also be of interest to anyone who uses video under 'fair use' as part of the lawsuit concerns that.

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Excellent! What a F'ing

Excellent! What a F'ing goofball. Him, not her.

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He is the epitome of the

He is the epitome of the carpet bagging, snake oil salesman who toured the southern states after the American Civil War claiming their elixirs, potions, balms and salves had healing powers. This guy claims regenerative cell/tissue capability. Same thing, different words.

But, I don't know who was more hurtful to watch - him or her talking shots at him.

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