An atheist in a catholic uni

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An atheist in a catholic uni

I am planning (almost destined) to study Nuclear Med Tech at Wheeling Jesuit University (WJU), West Virginia. WJU isa catholic university.

- How fair is it for an atheist to join catholic university ?

- What could be the possible problems that an atheist might have to face ?

- Talk on the bright side too, if any !

PLease leave yoursugesstions so that I can makebest decision, before itz any late !

- If you have any stuff to ask, feelfree to contact me at ~

- You can email me if you find it more comfortable ~

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Here are some thoughts: Many

Here are some thoughts: Many Jesuits, because the order is academically active, can be more forward thinking than other catholic orders. Not all students are religious. Academic standards at catholic colleges are typically high. wheeling is ranked well. You don't have to agree with them. You probably will have to take some theology courses. Tuition is high. Class size at wheeling is typically small. If you're single and straight, there are more females than males.

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Hmm... not sure if I would go

Hmm... not sure if I would go to a specifically Christian university, but I suppose it depends what you're into, and if there are specific professors there that you feel will advance your studies and career.

I went to Catholic elementary schools, and had many friends of other faiths there.

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