As atheist or theist, what is your main concern?

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As atheist or theist, what is your main concern?

Being an atheist, do you want to prove to the world that there is really no god?

Being a theist, do you want to prove to the world that your gods is real?

Or you simply want to live according to your beliefs?

Or do you have particular concern with regards to your spiritual beliefs?

Share it here.

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Being an atheist I cant talk

Being an atheist I cant talk for everyone else but Personally, I have no desire to prove to the world there is really no God, though I don't believe there is one, I don't know for certain there is not. All I know is what I believe and that is that there is no God as put forth by any deities that exist. I would like there to be a world more understanding of the fact that people have different beliefs and as the world is filled with different beliefs, it would be nice for us to all be able to overcome these differences. I would like religion to stay out of politics and I would like religions to stop killing people because people don't live in accordance with or believe differently than the religions tell people to. In other words I would like for people to be be able to be more open about who they are freely. I think religions are set up in a way to make it so they can work this way but people in religions to this day still practice genocide and there are still people being killed in this Africa by religious people from the US because they are gay or homosexual. I have no problem with people believing whatever they want to but I do have a problem with people using religion to help them with enforcing their beliefs on others, making laws that effect people who don't share their same beliefs, hurting others or even sometimes killing others. I also have a problem with an atheist who would do the same.

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Very well said, Zaphod! It is

Very well said, Zaphod! It is really more important for us to consider and respect the beliefs and preferences of other people. Using religion to push something or aggravating the situation of people who are not within our beliefs is something cruel.

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Wanting to prove to the world

Wanting to prove to the world what isn't provable is kind of like protesting continental drift... It's primary value is entertainment.

As Zaphod alluded, we are seeing a concerted effort on the part of certain religious people encroach on government and school curricula. Ironically, they claim persecution and violation of their religious freedom when anyone objects. I'd like to help younger people see through this ruse so they can build a future where that kind of thing will be stopped before it gets a chance to take root.

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It would be ridiculous to

It would be ridiculous to live your entire life trying to prove something that no one could ever prove without dying. It'sjust like a reolving door plagued with dead ends.

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Personally I don't give a

Personally I don't give a flying rat's ass about what other peoples' beliefs are. But while living in country overrun by crazy fanatics (Pakistan), it is almost impossible to expect the same from others around you. It's even impossible to exist as an openly godless person without drawing irrational hatred and rejection and even capital punishments. Though I do wish to see the irrational and superstitious tenants of society to succumb to science and rationality, I wouldn't go about preaching "Agnostic Atheism" which I found to be the simplest and most beautiful truth there is.

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As an agnostic, I would like

As an agnostic, I would like to see the whole matter of god/no god tabled so that we can finally move on to something *important* for a change.

The world has more than enough challenges as it is, without people going and dragging their imaginary friends into it.

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Expecting religion to be gone

Expecting religion to be gone anytime soon is like hoping for world peace, it aint happening.

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I think everything comes to

I think everything comes to respect other people's beliefs unless their beliefs harms you...

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As theist I want to prove

As theist I want to prove that there is god but such thing can only be proven after death so I do hope that time will come that this argument will end. I hope that the truth will embrace us humans so we can move forward to the things that deserve our attention and intelligence.

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Generally, I think theists

Generally, I think theists are much more interested in proving there is a god than atheists are in proving that there's nothing of the sort. You can't really compare one side to the other, on this or any other front. It's worse than apples and oranges, it's like apples and Mack trucks.

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As an atheist , the belief in

As an atheist , the belief in a deity isn't my concern, merely the pernicious beliefs, and behaviours that so often accompany it.

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@ As atheist or theist, what

@ As atheist or theist, what is your main concern?
1. Separation of church and state - I could care less what magical mythology people practice. Keep it out of the government, out of the schools and education, and off my frigging doorstep.

2, The first amendment. From a public space you have the freedom to say anything you like to say. The public space belongs to the public. It must be shared and not Ruled Over by the frigging government.

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"You're allowed to believe

"You're allowed to believe
in a god. You're allowed to
believe unicorns live in
your shoes for all I cere.
But the day you start
telling me how to wear my
shoes so I don't upset the
unicorns, I have a problem
with you. The day you start
involving the unicorns in
making decisions for this
country, I HAVE BIG

I think this is your questions answer this is one of my favorite from
mykcob4 ... still miss him

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Whether I were a theist or an

Whether I were a theist or an atheist my career choice would probably have been the same. I'm interested in theoretical physics and how the world works at the most fundamental levels. Atheism seems to me the most compatible thesis with what I've learnt about the world.
My main concern in life then is to keep learning more and more.
My main concern when it comes to participating in forums such as this is and when I'm writing about atheism is to share with others deep facts about the way the world works and what they mean for the big questions. Debunking "crackpot physics" that I often see (Deepak Chopra being a main offender) is also a concern. The problem with theoretical physics is that the qualitative descriptions of things like quantum entanglement don't entirely capture the whole story. As a result con men like Chopra can easily weave what sounds like a coherent story supporting their spiritualism when mathematically their claims are just meaningless.

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@ Deepak Chopra being a main

@ Deepak Chopra being a main offender.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE IDIOTS - RIGHT UP THERE WITH RAY COMFORT. The moronic utterances that spew from the mouth of this moron are epic. I can't watch the guy without spewing forth obscenities at my computer screen.

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