is Atheist Republic different from other religious morons?

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is Atheist Republic different from other religious morons?

Atheist republic! You brunch of idiot dick heads. What the hell are you proud of…?? That you are different from those religious dickheads?? Well, you are not doing anything different from those religious morons.
That’s how any religion starts…
First they gather people who are pissed off by existing religious shit. (Just like you had made this community of anti-existing ideas)
Then they come on a common ideological ground. (Which is nothing but bitching about existing system)
Just do one thing think what this page or community will remain if you remove that bitching part about other religious ideologies?? NOTHING so the shit of other ideologies is soul of your ideology. Your fucking system survives on that shit only. NO new idea of your own, just shit eating is what you do.
Then comes second phase they came up with a name / slogan that they keep on chanting and using senselessly frequent (so that they can put that in sub conscious of their dick head followers.)(In your case its atheist republic, in name of which you fucking make pennies by selling t shirts, and other stuff. Common sense says that you don’t need to wear your idea or have that printed on your coffee mud unless you are dickhead and want to do a show off and please your ideological masters, you are asking people to but t-shirts and post pictures so that you can make pennies). Notice one thing in this whole comment I have not criticized your ideology (because YOU DON’T HAVE ONE) but on your modous oprendi
Then you encourage your goats to use that word, wear it, and shit it. And feel as much orgasm as they can from a fucking word (atheist republic) and by the time you make pennies from it.
Then they force these utterly irrelevant taboo shit ideas on their grazing goats. (Like why polygamy is good or bad?)(Which is irreverent because if someone is not involved in it they need not to waste their time on its moral grounds).
Now to look liberal they will ask opinions from their followers, but here the catch, whenever that answer align with their propaganda, they will praise him/her.
If not they start debating with weird logics to prove that they are exclusively right. (Just like any other ideological gutter you do that on your site forum)
Then comes the “shit book concept” (that a compilation of strong bitching of all ideologies that doesn’t align with their dick head)
"why there is no god". sell it and earn.

And while all this takes place, they will act and pretend liberal, objective, tolerant …but gradually they make social pressure/psychological as well, that only they are right. (Obviously with help of shit logics)
Later there second line of command will ensure that their ideology is exclusively implemented. And side by side they do some charity work to make their propaganda fool proof.
YOU FUCKING INVENTED A NEW RELIGION ( ya from the shit of other ones.)



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@dimolise your hypocracy

@dimolise your hypocracy You brunch of idiot dick heads.

And yet here you are.

Welcome to the brunch. I hope you'll stay for lunch and dinner, too.

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seems like we have a new

seems like we have a new follower of this religion. can't answer even one fact.

algebe's picture
dimolise your h... can't

dimolise your h... can't answer even one fact.

LOL! Some facts for you: The only indigenous mammal in New Zealand is a bat. Aphids and Komodo dragons are capable of immaculate conception and virgin birth. "Tokyo" means "eastern capital".

Now, can you ask a coherent question or put together one sentence that makes sense?

Atheism is not a religion, and I'm not a new or old follower of anything, but judging from your photo, I was an atheist before your father was born.

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ohh, fucking grand old lady

ohh, fucking grand old lady or man or whatever you are. i am grateful for facts you shared, you fucking flower who don't have guts to put a face of their own but would judge others. your shit facts are as irrelevent as you and your tiny cerebelam are to this universe and specially to this question. which you can't counter after wasting so many years as a pseudo atheist on this earth. happy ignorance to you!! remain Anonymous and use flower pics to hide behind. because thats all you can.

algebe's picture
dimolise your fucking

dimolise your fucking flower who don't have guts to put a face of their own but would judge others

Oh you silly arse. Nobody with a functioning brain these days would put their real picture or name on an internet website. Ever heard of identity theft, boy?

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My avatar is my real face. It

My avatar is my real face. It's a selfie I took when driving out some "adventurers" who thought they could wander into my lair and steal any items they ran across.

Tin-Man's picture
@Lost Re: Avatar

@Lost Re: Avatar

Awesome! Love what you've done with your "hair". The mascara on all the eyes is perfect. My profile pic isn't exactly a selfie. It was taken by a friend just on the outskirts of E.C. That strange look on my face is because Toto just happened to be humping my leg at that moment. He did that to pretty much everybody, though. Horniest dog I've ever seen. After awhile you just sorta got use to it.

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Did anyone make it all the

Did anyone make it all the way through that disjointed hysterical rant?

Nothing I read was remotely accurate, in fact it was barely coherent.

Though the irony of his vitriolic post demanding everyone stop being "bitchy" was quite funny.

It's bizarre that these people think direct criticism of the more pernicious religious beliefs is somehow unacceptable and needs to be singled out for criticism. Yet they don't object to the bigotry posted by theists on here at all.

They might want to take a look at The threads attacking transgender and gay people. Criticising archaic superstitions is hardly morally comparable.

Kuldeep Singh Jadu's picture
what is not accurate? don't

what is not accurate? don't pass bare opinions, counter the points if at all you can. or just look at your self aren't you sounding like those priest who try to defend their believes by mere opinions, when questioned by atheists? you are not atheist, you are another dick head believer of this new shit.

Sheldon's picture
Your post is inaccurate, as I

Your post is inaccurate, as I said. What is it with angry theists not being able to use capitals and punctuation? You made no points worth countering, what do you think I meant by incomprehensible?

"don't pass bare opinions,"

Irony overload.

"priest who try to defend their believes"

Atheism is not a "believe" (sic), it's the lack of one single belief, and it takes a special kind of retard not to know this.

Another semi literate theists with a chip on his shoulder, and another disjointed rant, just because I dare to say I don't share his belief in archaic superstitions.

You'll be gone in a no more than a few days, we've seen it all before, so why don't you get it all off your chest champ.

"you are another dick head believer of this new shit."

Whatever you say champ, of course deep down we're all very impressed by disjointed rants from angry keyboard warriors, who can't find the shift key, and don;t know how to run a spellchecker.

While you're here, what objective evidence can you demonstrate that any deity exists? I don't expect a cogent answer, but one must show willing.

algebe's picture
@Sheldon: Did anyone make it

@Sheldon: Did anyone make it all the way through that disjointed hysterical rant?

I couldn't read for laughing after I saw "brunch of idiot dick heads". Spelling and grammar that bad almost become a kind of poetry.

Kuldeep Singh Jadu's picture
ohh! grand old algebe.

ohh! grand old algebe. thats what people with little cerebelum do, when they can't answer or counter point raised , they beat around the bushes. so, you son(or whatever you are) of spelling correction, better face truth.

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arakish's picture
And I only made it that far.

And I only made it that far. I never got past the word "heads."

Didn't even bother reading his responses. Got enough of what they were about just reading y'all's responses.


Tin-Man's picture
Re: "brunch of idiot dick

Re: "brunch of idiot dick heads"

Waitress: Good morning, sir. What can I get you from our brunch menu today?

Customer: Ah, good morning. Umm... Yes, well, an order of idiot dick heads certainly looks tasty. And a side of fucktard fries, too, please.

Waitress: Very good choice, sir. Would you like extra stupid sauce with those fries?

Customer: Yes, thank you. That would be lovely. Oh, I see you also have soup sandwiches. How are they here?

Waitress: Well, sir, we are proud to say our soup sandwiches are the most fucked up sandwiches in the entire state. Most people have trouble eating them even when using a spoon.

Customer: Mmmmm.... That sounds delightful. I simply must try one.

Waitress: You won't be disappointed with your choice, sir. Now, what would you like to drink?

Customer: Kool-Aid, please. Is that with free refills?

Waitress: Yes, sir. However, you should know that most people rarely make it through one serving. For those who do, though, I've been told it is incredibly addictive.

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I'm just here for the ice

I'm just here for the ice cream...

Oh... is that strawberry? Wonderful!


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now I want a strawberry!

now I want a strawberry!

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Spell check, clean up in

Spell check, clean up in aisle two. Someone tried to demolise, oops, demolish a position and left tiny little pellets of "incoherent rantus" all over the floor.

I like strawberry. Can I have one too?

CyberLN's picture
Demolished has been escorted

Demolished has been escorted from the building back to his bridge.

CyberLN's picture
just noticed the autocorrect

just noticed the autocorrect my system make to his name....chuckling.

arakish's picture
And you know, I did not even

And you know, I did not even have to read this post to know what it was about. Just seeing "CyberLN" as the last post was enough to know s/he was gone.

And here is a thought, if we were to demolish all the bridges, where would these trolls reside?


Tin-Man's picture
Re: "Demolished has been

Re: "Demolished has been escorted from the building back to his bridge."

Awwwww.... Dog-gonnit! Again??? Not fair! We didn't even get much of a chance to play with him!... *sulking (as usual)*...

Tin-Man's picture
Re: OP

Re: OP

Oh, goodness gracious.... SOMEbody certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Must not have had his cup of coffee either. Gosh.... So cranky.

LogicFTW's picture
Troll attempt score:

Troll attempt score:

Added a picture (with hairy butts!) + 3

Mostly readable/legible not to many spelling or grammatical errors + 2

Avatar picture (with that hair and smile!) +1

Uses big words + 1

Did a tiny bit of basic research on the site + 1

Avatar name -1

Ranty wall of text -2

Obvious troll attempt -4

Final Score:

1 out of 10.

Just think if you troll attempt was not so obvious you could of gotten possibly the highest score of the month for a troll. (Yes the bar trolls set for themselves is real low.)

xenoview's picture
Missed out on the troll,

Missed out on the troll, dammit. The OP was tldr

algebe's picture
@CyberLN: Demolished has been

@CyberLN: Demolished has been escorted from the building

Quite right. He disrespected my cerebelam (sob).

What's a cerebelam?

Tin-Man's picture
@Algebe Re: "What's a

@Algebe Re: "What's a cerebelam?"

It's the antiseptic to the antebelam. It's located somewhere between the gloot-ee-us maximus and the full-frontal-nudity lobe in the cathedral corntext.

Edit to add: Gee, I thought everybody was taught this stuff in jr. high biology class.

Hey, any of that strawberry ice cream left?

Sheldon's picture
Well you learn something new

Well you learn something new everyday. I thought cerebellum was a town in Canada.

David Killens's picture
Right down the road from

Right down the road from Antigonish.

algebe's picture
Take the exit from the Circle

Take the exit from the Circle of Willis and then go due south.


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