Atheist surveys by theist.

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Atheist surveys by theist.

I have seen this tactic before. A bunch of theist start threads requesting atheist to interview or take a survey to explain atheism. They claim it is a school project but it isn't. What it is is a concerted effort to get quotes that they can misuse in other threads.
I've been on many forums and have seen this over and over.
I suspect this is what is going on here.
It is trolling.

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An interesting possibility.

An interesting possibility. I guess you have been around the block a few times. I looked at the questions and decided to pass, partly for the reason I gave.

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You should find that most of

You should find that most of these so called surveys are push-poll questions. Meaning, that the outcome is predetermined. Like a FOX poll.
I am amused by the tactics and cycles that wacky christians go through just to annoy atheist. All christians have to find a target to vent hate. They like to disguise it if they can, but if you have been exposed to them for as long as I have been you catch on pretty quickly. Right now the "cycle" is surveys of atheist. Isn't that an odd thing? They all say it is for a class they are taking, but really it is just something dreamed up and copied that came from some group of angry evangelicals.
In all the courses I took in college, none, and I mean none, asked me to survey atheist,....not one! If they wanted me to get a different perspective they required me to read certain books. And the questions on these surveys are so amateur. They obviously didn't come from an accredited course.
What we have is a bunch of amateurs posing as students having people fill out questionnaires so they can use the answers any way that they see fit. It's total bullshit and they are bullshit.

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