Atheist VS Anti-Christ

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Atheist VS Anti-Christ

I just want to know your opinion about the difference or maybe the equality that ATHEISM is considered ANTI-CHRIST or ANTI-ISLAM? What's your point of view? Thanks.

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Well the bible describes

Well the bible describes people who know the ways/belong of the church/Jesus/Christianity/whatever, yet leave the church as Anti-Christs. With that definition, some atheists might be Anti-Christs; however, I am not: I never believed.

The idea that there is a single Anti-christ is an 'extra biblical' belief. For example the word 'Anti-Christ' is often associated with a character from the book of Revelations, even though the word does not appear in that book. Not unlike the belief that "3 wisemen" attended the birth of Jesus, the whole concept of 'the Rapture', or the "Immaculate Conception". These ideas where created by Christians, long after the bible was written, and are not biblical.

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I suppose those religions may

I suppose those religions may consider us to be "in opposition to them"... but that is a warped perception. Atheism is just a lack of belief, not an opposition to belief. An atheist does not need take a stand AGAINST those religions. An atheist can simply be a "non". If either Christianity or Islam proved themselves to me, I would believe. I don't have anything "against" them. I just don't have anything "for" them either. But, I think those religions come from a perspective of "If you are not for us, you ARE against us." "You must either join us or be considered the enemy." Because they need enemies or "bad guys" so that they can hold themselves as "good". But what they are really saying, whether they believe it or not is simple "You are not with us." Correct. We are not.

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Oh, it is something added to

Oh, it is something added to feed the persecution complex and the tribalism/ingroup mentality. "Anyone not with us is against us!" or "Those who don't worship my god are evil!", it is a false dichotomy that has allowed them to dehumanize and revile those not of the same stripe as they are. It is a malignant piece of sophistry born from the same stagnant pit of retardation many of their doctrines are, the pen of a bronze-age scribe, and deserves no more attention than that of Onanism.

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The biblical definition of

The biblical definition of what an anti-christ is always reminds me of that scene from the Life of Brian;
where we discover what people really can't stand are 'splitters' (someone that was a member of your group, but then left).

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True, but worse, because they

True, but worse, because they hate groups with the same basic ideas; they don't want the competition.

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Atheism is supposed to be a

Atheism is supposed to be a simple objective (inward) declaration of non-belief, without ceremony, argument, further action or participation in like minded empowerment-focused movements.

Anti-whatever is one faction of an argument that is comprised of two or more factions of like intent. It's usually an ongoing activity where each faction attempts to assemble credible evidence to persuade the other factions of the credence it claims. Atheism doesn't bother with this.

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I believe Jesus of Nazareth

I believe Jesus of Nazareth may have existed but I also believe if he did exist that his father was just as human as mine. If that is "anti-christ" then yes, I qualify, but I have nothing against the man. I actually think the idea of using the cross (a horribly agonizing way to die) with the image of a man on it as some token of faith is quite disgusting, but I suppose that helps religion to inspire war so effectively. The story of Jesus never ceases to confuse me though.

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Theist= belief in a theistic

Theist= belief in a theistic god
A-theists= Not Theist= Lack of belief in a theistic god.

Anti-theist= Against theism
The belief that theism does more harm then good to the world.

Christ= messiah (depends on what you mean as a messiah)
The messiah could be a Jewish messiah, that would conquer Israel by force.
The messiah of the New testament Christians which is a scapegoat for your sins.

Anti- Christ = against A messiah
The belief that the messiah concept does more harm then good to the world.

So if you are moral enough to understand that scapegoating is immoral and evil, then you are an anti-Christ.

All moral people are anti-Christ.

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