Atheists, what do you think about these "miracles"?

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Atheists, what do you think about these "miracles"?

Some Christian youtube channels have some videos which are supposed to demonstrate that a person with a sickness/disease/disorder got healed after praying to Jesus. Some examples include: a deaf man being able to hear again after praying to Jesus, a blind woman being able to see in front of a few thousand people, etc. The links are below: (Deaf man healed in Jesus' name) (blind woman healed in front of 200,000 people).

What do you guys think of these short videos? Are they compelling for you?

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pork222 - What do you guys

pork222 - What do you guys think of these short videos? Are they compelling for you?

Why do we never see videos of amputees being healed by prayer? I'll tell you why:

  1. It is a condition we can be 100% sure the person has. We don't need to see medical records, or have any medical training to confirm it. We see a stump or a nub, and that removes all doubt that they really have the condition.
  2. It is a condition we can be 100% sure was actually cured. If the nub has been replaced by a new limb, it worked!
  3. It is a condition we can be 100% sure that the placebo effect isn't going to work on.
  4. It is a condition that we can be 100% sure will not go into spontaneous remission, or be cured by any medicine/treatment the person is receiving.

So why is it that prayer fails for any condition that we can be 100% sure about?

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"what do you think about these "miracles"?

I think I need some answers to a lot of questions.
What proof is there that these persons were really deaf/blind before the miracles?
What scientific tests were carried out before and after the events?
How many deaf and blind people were praying to Jesus, etc., for cures at the same time, but got no results?
How come there was no distortion in the speech of the deaf guy? Apart from his heavy accent, he spoke quite normally.

My conclusion is that there are enough gullible people in the world to make that kind of circus sideshow very, very profitable.

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Also for what it is worth: it

Also for what it is worth: it is not uncommon for deaf and blind people to be able to see and hear! Often times people who are labelled as such can see and hear some; but not enough to be able to correct it to a 'normal level'.

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Another thing I am wondering

Another thing I am wondering is, why do these "miracles" seem to happen so much to religious people? At one of the churches that I used to go to was a Priest who did not have perfect vision, and he slipped while he was outside and got twigs in his eyes. He was blinded from that, but a little while later he had 20/20 vision. It just seems like it always happens to priests or ministers. Now, who knows if the story was being fabricated or it is possible that details are left out that after he gained some vision back that he had laser surgery which gave him 20/20 vision.

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Well firstly, I hope Muhammad

Well firstly, I hope Muhammad doesn't get hacked to death by his fellow masons for apostasy. Secondly, this isn't any more convincing than other charlatans I've seen in the past.

When I was a kid, the father of a close friend of mine was paralyzed from the neck down. Years later some BS artist came through all of the churches in town claiming to have the power to heal. The convenient caveat to his process was that if the subject wasn't healed, it was due to the lack of faith of at least one person in the room. There could not be a weak link.

So of course it was a matter of time until he was brought in to heal my friends father. The only people present were the family, including the paralyzed father. Obviously, he was never healed. The most heartbreaking part of this is that the family was left with the blame, including the 7 year old daughter. It's disgusting. These "healers" travel the planet creating an expectation that only leads to years of heartbreak, desperation and disappointment.

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These miracle cures never

These miracle cures never seem to happen in a hospital. I wonder why?

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Does anyone remember psychic

Does anyone remember psychic surgery? It was all the rage in the 70s. People with terminal cancer and other conditions would go to the Philippines, where these "healers" would seem to open up incisions, pull out masses of bloody tissue, and then magically close the incisions. All they were doing was some sleight of hand with chicken guts, but it looked really impressive on film. They didn't really extract any tumors, but they extracted a lot of cash from people's wallets.

These charlatans are the lowest of the low and leave a trail of sorrow in their wake. Any church that allows "faith healing" chicanery on its premises should be prosecuted and sued into oblivion.

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Jim Jones (of the Jonestown

Jim Jones (of the Jonestown Massacre) used to 'perform' this kind of act.

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James Randi (the magician)

James Randi (the magician) was so good at imitating psychic surgery performances, that he had to start wearing a head band that said "fraud" on it when it did it. Why? Because the "believers" in psychic surgery started circulating videos of him imitating psychic surgery; but presenting the videos as real psychic surgery!

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Great point. Strange how it doesn't ever happen under the observation of a medical professional!

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25 years of nursing and never

25 years of nursing and never witnessed a miracle. Everything that happened ( or did not happen ) was explainable.

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