attention: if you have an apple device with facetime.

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attention: if you have an apple device with facetime.

If you have an apple device with a microphone, and you have facetime enabled on it, you need to disable it now due to a major security breach.

Well that is if you care if people can listen in on your microphone when ever they like. All they would need is your apple id and or phone number

You can also try disabling disabling the microphone. But if security is a big enough issue, it is safer to disable facetime all together from any apple device that has a microphone (which is just about all apple devices.)



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Hi LogicWT,

Hi LogicWT,

Can you include a source for your claim? I connot find any news regarding the claim anyone can listen to your microphone.

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Wasn't that how the Turkish

Wasn't that how the Turkish authorities were able to listen in on the murder Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi thugs in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul?

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Not sure on that. I do know

Not sure on that. I do know similar scenarios to that has been shown to have occured in the past.

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