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Aussie whacko from Waco

Twenty five years after walking out of the Waco siege Australian Graeme Craddock still believes David Koresh will be resurrected as Jesus Christ and defends his cult leader as only doing what god told him.

Add another to Australia’s religious nut job exports to the US, joining the likes of Ken Ham and Ray Comfort, although Ray really is a kiwi, but I’m sure New Zealand won’t want to quibble for the dubious honors here?

The only good nut we sent you was the macadamia.

I’m somewhat surprised this guy still functions. I am presuming he lives a sort of ‘normal life’ apart from this “David Koresh is Jesus and coming back” delusion.

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I'm sure the only credit New

I'm sure the only credit New Zealand would claim for Ray Comfort is the fact that few people there really took him seriously. I wonder why Americans like them so much.

Here's a page about Ray Comfort's early days in Christchurch.

Despite its name, and its origin as a Church of England settlement, Christchurch is a fairly godless town. It was named after Christ Church College, Oxford University.

Ray got his start preaching to the lunchtime crowds in Cathedral Square at the center of Christchurch. It was a bit like Speakers' Corner in London, full of all kinds of eccentrics preaching everything from Christianity to alien abductions. Poor Ray was just a minor player in that clown show, though he did achieve 15 minutes fame when a rival preacher tried to set him on fire with gasoline.

Why, America, why? Why do you give your money and your time to these snake oil salesmen?

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Have you watched the

Have you watched the Paramount Networks mini-series on Waco?

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My friend and I laid the

My friend and I laid the floor at the Branch Davidian's new church.

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No, Breezy. Is it a

No, Breezy. Is it a documentary or a 'based on a true story' dramatization?

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Its more of the latter: https
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Looks like its coming out on

Looks like its coming out on Netflix. Big production values and John Leguizamo .Usually I am wary of dramatisations and even documentaries. It really did say "based on a true story". If I were to delve into events like Waco I prefer reading several books on it, written long after the event. However I just might watch this if we get it in this country. We have different menus Downunder. Netflix might think Aussies wont be interested. I am sure they'd be wrong.

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If you get a VPN service like Torguard, you can watch US/UK Netflix. The US menu is far bigger than their miserable offering in Australia.

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Netflix has a VPN blocker and we used to to be able to do what you suggest butiu8 vc ffffbbbbbbb(sorry Captain Cat helping me type) but sadly it is no longer a reliable solution.

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@Old man shouts:

@Old man shouts:

Torguard can provide dedicated IPs in the US (and various other countries), which Netflix can't detect (so far). I pay $17 US per quarter. I also use Identity Cloaker, which works well with the BBC but is less reliable with Netflix.

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What you need is a VPN exit

What you need is a VPN exit server that Netflix does not know is a VPN server. The problem with this solution is it means you can't just purchase a normal VPN service, since Netflix will likely know the addresses of any major VPN exit servers (and block them).

The solution is to purchase a normal server in the region you want access to, install a VPN server, and use that; but of course this requires a level of technical knowledge that most people do not have.

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@Nyarlathotep: this requires

@Nyarlathotep: this requires a level of technical knowledge that most people do not have.

That's why I like Torguard. They do all the technical stuff for you, and their help desk is very responsive. I just wish copyright holders would stop trying to compartmentalize the on-line world and update their business models to suit the new environment. It reminds me of the DVD region codes. DVDs bought in one country wouldn't work in another. Then I learned a way to hack my DVD player to be multi-regional.

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I end up traveling out of

I end up traveling out of country quite a bit. Fortunately I have fast upload speed with my home ISP, so I just remote into my home computer, and with a bit of software, use my home computer as a server, I just get some software to compress the live stream of my home computer if my remote travel location connection is poor, as well as audio sync. Technically such tactics is forbidden in Netflix (and other streamers) eula like material, but it is impossible for them to detect without violating privacy laws in the US.
I do not think it requires too much technical knowledge these days as clever use of software designed for other remote desktop uses does this. If you do not want to pay for this software, the freeware software can be harder to use but manageable.

Also, DVR'ing any content you see on a computer is stupid easy these days, all modern graphics cards have built in streaming capabilities, (usually for video games onto platforms like twitch.) That record everything you see and hear on your screen. It will then even compress it for you to varying levels to be streamed.

Not really a solution for people that do not have a home with a fast upload speed.

You can give the middle finger to netflix by simply d/ling Torrents of stuff on Netflix onto a remote server in a different country then your own, and torrent any media to your heart's content w/o fear of repercussion for like 15 bucks a month. Also use this server with its ultra fast, nearly unlimited bandwidth to get into file sharing communities that demand high upload ratios. I am not condoning piracy, but then paying 15 bucks a month for netflix and not having access to its full library is a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Even netflix would love to knock down zoning requirements, but their content providers demand zoning, mostly in a feeble attempt to combat piracy, (but really are only making it worse for themselves.)

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