in the beginning there was the devillived came back Easter

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in the beginning there was the devillived came back Easter

God of woke from Darkness to find it was that Darkness .the empty cold black darkness of space and time. negative feelings like loneliness. and one feeling develops after another and another. negative existence, negative feelings ,negative thoughts ,negative actions, negative results, equals negative God. and so God created it's opposite to combat what it was and became .so from nothing came something. from the darkness .it created the light the opposite .positive feeling instead of Darkness there was light .instead of cold .there was Heat .instead of nothingness. there was creation and it was life and became the light. God is a shapeshifter .and Satan is the only one that has ever claimed God .and it said that he is a shapeshifter .so it's said to be anyway. and I feel it's always creating the opposite. whatever one thing it creates there is the opposite of it .just imagine your life beginning this way you're a shape-shifter you are the environment and all you know is negative feelings that torment you and in eternal life of total damnation. there are indeed two gods to me . One of natural birth one created one that is negative energy. the other positive energy. ever heard of negative space. and ever heard that we get energy from the Sun. and so if the sun is God then the space is the devil .and if they are individuals like us. then one is a positive God . While the other one and negative. my father once said to me. trying to get money out of your sister is like trying to get fire from the Devil. I said father how do you know the devil has the fire. when it's the sun of God that's on fire .he said that I don't know something I'll have to think about. Satan is not bad. it is said Satan has good morals .well we learn from our mistakes don't we ..and he is our God's number one angel .and said to be judge of man's morals .if anyone is to judge us. it will be big daddy himself the father creator of all things good and evil. the Devil knows he's lost. only because he's made it that way he created your God. the devil was the first. he's Alpha. Jesus Christ is the Omega .and what God does God worship . And so your God is a atheist wow big boom there right. and it is out after you to test and break your faith. and there is to be no worship for Satan. for he says Thou shalt not create no idols .so you think he wants to be one .Jesus he was taught by him .when Jesus went to speak with Satan where did he have to go .solitude. for his teachings the devil gave you your king. but no God !!!.you are to have free-will. means you have no God .no ruler above you .so do not say you have free will when you serve on your knees to a God and pray for salvation from yourself's. God don't even come play God .to play God into another's life of Free Will is to be the devil on to that person .God can be explained in many ways. God is life ,devil is death, God Is Good ,Devil is evil ,God is a way of life lived that promotes more days of life .devil is ways of the life and which promotes suffering and decreases days in your life. that leads to death not eternal life. To me God is a very unique self-awareness to its surroundings I even treat my cat with the utmost respect that it deserves and I wish I would have myself it's hard to say that I'm religious but I do believe that there is a God but he don't play God and we have a king that only leads by example only

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Life is too short!

Life is too short!

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So.... how about those ? Aren

So.... how about those [insert favorite sports team]? Aren't they doing [great/terrible]? Think they'll make it to the [choose final rounds of competition that matches favorite sports team]?

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They certainly will if their

They certainly will if their fans pray for them. The prayers of a righteous man are powerful.

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Can you prove your god and jesus are real? Can you prove that god created anything?

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Don't let theists do this....

Don't let theists do this..... Don't let them describe what their gods do without first proving their god(s) exist.

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I'm sorry but paragraphs or

I'm sorry but paragraphs or no paragraphs that's garbled nonsense. No offence (intended) but do you have anything to offer beyond preaching? As an atheist there are few things I find more condescending than theists preaching at me. I appreciate from the other thread that you have had some issues with substance abuse, and (perhaps) the inevitable emotional and dare I say it mental health issues that can accompany addiction, but I'm afraid your post simply reads like a paranoid fantasy.

There simply is no real evidence for the things you are making bald assertions for. What's more, if they were real they make reality appear more like some dystopian existence where we would be reduced to the playthings of evil sadistic supernatural beings on a massive ego trip, and to whom we have no more relevance than ants.

I realise people find life impossible to cope with at times, and often through no fault of their own and for a variety of reasons, but I think if people have suffered in this way and come through it they do themselves and their achievement a disservice by claiming the credit belongs to a fictional deity from a bronze age superstition, rather than acknowledging they have shown a strength of character they thought they did not possess, and so have moved on with their lives determined to do better for themselves and for those they care about through their own will.

Even the best of us may sometimes lose our focus, and life may seem a pointless drudgery, but in the end it is us that gives meaning to our lives, the things we do and the people we love and who love us, and how we treat each other and ourselves are what define us over a lifetime, the good and the bad. I need no faith, religion, or deity to take joy in those I care about, or to marvel that they see something worth caring about in me. The mistakes I have made I try not to repeat, and feeling bad about things I have done will help no one, better to make myself a promise to behave better in the future. I see no deity in the universe, I need no deity either, and from the way those that do believe in them define them I'm pretty sure I'd not want them to be real anyway.

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Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply Sheldon. I appreciate any insight other people have. but the god I believe in is myself. my faith is my ability to overcome and Conquer life's problems set forth before me. not some faith in some other God. and I believe in equals not unequals .when speaking of God and Devil in what I wrote .I was saying that it is our environment we are born of the Dust of the world .so it said .just saying we are a product of our environment and sustains Our Lives .and God loves all cuz it's awareness is all mankind is. God I said is Simply Life devil is death God to me is just a very unique self-awareness to its surroundings .please read well what you call Babel

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@Keith ....

@Keith ....

"please read well what you call Babel"

If you want it "read well" ....... then you must "write it better" !

You can have the most earth moving idea possible ..... but if you can only express it in the Welsh language ,written using the Old Norse runic alphabet .......... then it aint going to fly.

Sheldon is right ...... paragraphs and punctuation are vital if you want to be understood.

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@Keith, you define your god:

@Keith, you define your god:

- As yourself.

- As awareness.

- As all mankind.

- As simply life.

- As a very unique self-awareness to its sorroundings.

Sure, it's us who should read well before calling it babel. Come on, this doesn't make any sense! You should make your mind up first about your definition of your divine entity, before even try to defend its existence.

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Then call life life and death

Then call life life and death death! Why make up new meanings for words? Your playing a shitty word game. I believe coffee is god and god is coffee! This morning I had a nice strong cup of god lol

So much bullshit it hurts my head

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If you believe that shit you have more problems than you even know about.
Life isn't god. You are not god.There is no god.
BTW, you' better learn how to write. Your random punctuation is just childish. You don't start a sentence with a period.

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You are trying to educate us

You are trying to educate us about god when you really should start with educating yourself a little. Maybe take up a hobby like piano and learn to read music....expand your horizons. I'm not saying this to be rude. Just saying that a persons influence is directly linked with how they communicate their ideas. If you can't explain it so others understand it, you don't understand it yourself.

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"my faith is my ability to

"my faith is my ability to overcome and Conquer life's problems"

Well I'm not sure how you define faith, but whenever I have heard it defined by those that claim it, it is an excuse to believe things for which there is no evidence. Again your bare assertions about a deity mean nothing to me I'm afraid until you or somebody can demonstrate evidence commensurate to the claim, or indeed demonstrate any evidence at all. So I'm afraid it's all coloured bubbles, an encyclopedia of unicorn husbandry to me, until that evidence is demonstrated.

Here's a thought, if there is no deity you are solely responsible for turning your life around. Then an evolved mammalian ape capable of that should derive strength from it, and laugh at the archaic superstitions their ancestors needed to try and explain the world, and their place in it.

The late author and polemicist Christopher Hitchens worded this perfectly for me.....

“Many religions now come before us with ingratiating smirks and outspread hands, like an unctuous merchant in a bazaar. They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace. But we have a right to remember how barbarically they behaved when they were strong and were making an offer that people could not refuse.”

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