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What caused the big bang?

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The theory i consider most

The theory i consider most probable at this time is that the big bang is a continues event. Or rather, The big bang is the aftermath of a "big crunch, which is followed by another big crunch, followed by a big bang, followed by a big crunch, ect

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The answer to that is easy..

The answer to that is easy...GRAVITY. Now what caused the gravity in the first place is the real question.

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The only honest answer is

The only honest answer is that nobody knows. Informed speculation (at the Nobel Laureate level) envisions a multiverse in which the Big Bang is the budding off of a new universe. For us, time and space began with the Big Bang. (It wasn't some explosion in the middle of empty space.) There are a number of ideas that build from known laws (rather than rank religious speculation), but this is a frontier area and nobody really knows.

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We may never know. It is

We may never know. It is simply amazing to think about. I read one physicists (Simon Singh) description of how an original 20 pounds of matter that super-inflated at such an incredible rate that all the energy and matter in the universe was created from that event. Membrane theory, inflation, the multi-verse. I am not a physicist so these ideas my creation myths.

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I agree. It is amazing to

I agree. It is amazing to think that it all started from just a primeval simple form of matter - something like strings or just waves of energy. Then it combined into photons, quarks and particles and then into atoms and molecules, and then it ignites the stars and creates the star systems and galaxies, and pulsars, quasars, black holes...

And just after 13 and half billion of years a fur-less ape living somewhere at the edge of one of billions of galaxies realized it was all made for him (for he is the chosen one) so he could scold (or even kill) his neighbor for being gay, because the omnipotent and all-knowing god - the creator of universe, of all that is visible and invisible - hates gays (among many other things he hates or just dislikes).


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Here's an even better

Here's an even better explanation:


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Here is an interesting

Here is an interesting lecture, kind of on topic (Guth's: Universe and 3 examples, MIT 8.224)

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