Is belief in God a mental illness

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Is belief in God a mental illness

Try really really really-hard-imagine- you believe in a imaginary man in the sky- or in devils and angels-or the earth is 10,000 years old or homosexuality is sin or when you get to heaven you will be greeted by 72 or 73virgins, or Jesus was born from a virgin(Mary) or women should be stoned to death for adultery, or infidels should be beheaded, or Noah built a arc and "saved" millions of animals including dinosaurs and God killed the rest of the world in the flood or the snake told Adam and Eve to eat the apple and mankind lived in sin because Adam and Eve disobeyed God and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. OK now try harder----come on-- fantasize, keep trying---don't stop---come on imagine you believe in almighty God and all the immoral, ridiculous ideas, stories, and nonsense in the Bible or the Koran. I SAID KEEP TRYING---HARDER--DON'T GIVE UP--KEEP GOING- As hard as you try to believe in the impossible (GOD). YOU CAN'T DO IT. It is not even close....Try as you may(no matter how hard you try) you don't budge an inch. You just can't do it. There is no possible way you can even imagine to change your mind to believe in stupid things(God). How it possible that people can believe in something that you can't even imagine being true. There is only one answer--BELIEF IN GOD IS A MENTAL ILLNESS....OR YOU ARE God Bless

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The Goddess has been defined

The Goddess has been defined as many things by many people. If there is a definition of The Goddess (is such a being exists) I doubt it is within the realm of comprehension of people wasting their time on an atheist forum

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Vincent Paul Tran - "I doubt

Vincent Paul Tran - "I doubt it is within the realm of comprehension of people wasting their time on an atheist forum"

Like yourself?

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The OP:

The OP:

No. People believe all sorts of things, like the CIA did 9/11 and the royal family killed Diana and Elvis is alive and the moon landings were made in Hollywood etc etc etc. It's an evolutionary thing, identifying false patterns and all that stuff. If there'd been an Intelligent Designer then we wouldn't have these defects.


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Nutmeg-I am not going to tell

Nutmeg-I am not going to tell you again that you are an idiot. Next time you make no sense I will call you a moron. God fuck yourself. God Bless

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