Bible a book of morals?

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Bible a book of morals?

I think that the bible is a morality book, but people disagree with me. Have I misinterpreted the way the bible is written? It tells you to do good, and if you do wrong, there are consequences.

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it advises people to do a lot

it advises people to do a lot of things. Many of them are ignored. Many of them make no sense. Many of them are considered illegal in most countries. How does one tell which is which?

Aesop's fables advise on good behavior as well, and, to some, do a better job of it.

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WOW I was gonna spill my

WOW I was gonna spill my coffee.

Saying such a foul language in an atheist forum, if you didn't have such a nice face, I would have mistaken you for a troll.

A humble question, Did you even read the book?

Quote me a single morally good story of the bible?

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Raven Heathcote...

Raven Heathcote...

Like Jeff ,I would be most interested to hear just how you see the Bible as being moral.

A couple of examples would be appreciated...

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There are different genres of

There are different genres of books and letters: some poetic, some narrative, some descriptive, some prescriptive. If you mean, is the book primarily a book about morals and how to be a moral person, then the most likely response by a bible believing Christian will be no, it is not a morality book.
It is primarily about God's relationship with the nation of Israel, culminating in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ = Messiah, who, from a Christian perspective, is the one through whom God's plan of redemption is realized.

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Coming from someone who was

Coming from someone who was raised Southern Baptist, yes, it is a book of morals. For followers, it teaches you what to and not to do, who to follow, as you are a follower, no mind of your own. The funny part is that it stole stories from other religions, and made it seem like the events were Christian. This book is nothing more than the accumulation of stories (gospels) from people that were around hundreds of years after Jesus died. Not one gospel in this book is from a person who was actually there at the time he was alive. The gospels were written by people years and years after the events happened. I think most religions are basically a way to get people to live the way that others believe you should. Morals are something that you should feel inside you without someone telling you to have them. We all know that we should help the old lady crossing the road, but, she is of another religion, and Christian's look down on her, so people with REAL morals stop to help her.

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I know how you think it, but

I know how you think it, but I disagree -- simle reason is, if you have "morality book" which can be explained many possibly ways, it is not morality book. It is same for math books, law books, medical books...

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The bible is chock full of

The bible is chock full of good bits of morality, and also chock full of some of the most repugnant morals possible, it is a mixed bag. I wouldn't accept a book with mathematical errors to be a useful guidebook to math, I wouldn't accept a book with incorrect details concerning history to be a useful guidebook to history, why in the world would I accept a book with immoral principles as a useful guidebook to morality?

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There are lots of immoral

There are lots of immoral stories in the bible so I can't consider it as pure. It say some good things and morals though.

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How can you really think the

How can you really think the Bible is a book of morality, when its teachings allowed the church to burn heretics alive for five centuries.

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